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December Dungeon Dweller (speculation)


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For the most part, the Monthly Dungeon Dwellers minis have been releasing with a regular pattern. Mostly, they have been alternating monthly between Monsters & Adventurers. (color coaded for easy parsing)
Jan: Rictus the Undying (Monster)
Feb: Human Fighter (Adventurer)
Mar: Bloodbite Goblins (Monster)
Apr: Halfling Thief (Adventurer)
May: Cairn Wraith (Monster)
June: Elf Ranger (Adventurer)

July: Orc Warrior (Monster)

Aug: Human Wizard  (Adventurer)

Sep: Ratpelt Kobolds (Monster)

Oct: Vampiress (Monster)

Nov: Dwarf Fighter  (Adventurer)


Now, if I were a betting man, I'd guess December will be an Adventurer. I'm guessing they're doing 6 & 6, and they doubled up of monsters between September & October, so that'd leave us short one adventurer going into the last month. 


I'd also guess that December will be a human Cleric or Paladin. Reaper stated they were going for minis for a feeling that "hearkens back to the old-school days of fantasy miniatures" and most of them seem to fit in with 1st ed D&D. There were only 3 classes: Fighting Man, Magic-User, & Cleric* (Greyhawk expansion added Thief), and four races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling*). So if they're trying to stick to the feel of 1st ed D&D Cleric would be the most logical choice, as it's the only one currently unrepresented. Also, only Humans could be clerics. I'd like it to be a female character, since up to this point every Adventurer has been male (well, probably. Who knows with elves?), but maybe they'll break their all-dude streak.

Just my thinking. We'll see what happens in 19 days.

*yes, Demi Humans were technically both races and classes, I'm just separating them based on our current usage. That might actually strengthen my argument that these characters are based on the Basic box, since November is simply called "Dwarf Adventurer."

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