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OUTSTANDING! You have quite an array of BEAUTIFULLY crafted & painted creations. You have a real flair for creating something from nothing, AND WONDERFUL imagination to help you carry it off. As always, VERY WELL DONE!

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Awesome!  I'm prepping a bunch of Gaslands vehicles as well, since some of my friends have expressed interest -- I'm starting with a combination of old dinged-up Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Maisto cars I've had since I was a kid (I just rediscovered them in a box I excavated from the garage), and some more recent acquisitions from the dollar store.  I've been leaning toward a retro-post-apocalyptic theme (Fallout-inspired), and I have at least one that should use some Reaper bits (a super-mutant hot rod).


One of the big considerations, however, has been to organize the cars into teams, WYSIWYG using the rules, rather than just pasting every gun and ram and gizmo onto the cars that I can fit in, and that makes it a little tougher.


A while back, I got a few "Dropzone Commander" Resistance models (15mm scale?) because of their retro-futuristic post-apoc road-warrior look, but I noticed that the crew gunners are very out of scale with the vehicles themselves.  I'm thinking they might even be closer to 20mm ... so maybe they'd actually work as crew gunners for my Hot Wheels conversions.  I've still been puzzling over the rules for vehicle construction, though, to figure out the difference in cost to have a crew-manned gun mounted atop the car roof or parked in the bed of a pickup.

For terrain/scenery, the Halo MicroOps "High Tower" terrain sets seem to be about right (somewhere around 20mm scale, I think).  I think I might actually be able to use some of my spare Plasticville building kits.  (They're nominally "O/S" scale ... which seems to mean that they're so scale-squishy that they sort of work for anything from 1:64 to 1:43 scale.  In practice, the buildings themselves look okay next to 28-32mm scale minis, but the house and service station car garages are clearly sized for Matchbox/Hot Wheels-sized cars or smaller -- not even close to housing O-scale/1:43 scale vehicles.)


Anyway, thanks for the inspiration!  I was WONDERING when you'd start churning out a bunch of Gaslands conversions.  it just seemed like it would be right up your alley.  :D


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A riot of wasteland genius! I especially love the LegBug (Walkswagen?), the TankBus, the VW Bigfoot, the fuel tanks, and the hair-curler setpieces (I don't know exactly what they're meant to be, but they look spacefuturey as blazes, and that's all I need). Marvelous kitbashing and use of found objects. 

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