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I decided that a mini a day was just too much commitment.  

However, I was way behind on painting Bones3  core.  I managed to paint the second KS by keeping a steady rate of at least 3 figures per month and then painting other things in the remaining hobby time, but I was way under that rate for Bones3.   

So my Goal is 15, or 1 every 2 days.   

I have hit a pretty good groove,  each day I prime one, do most of the work on a second and finish details on a third.  then I take weekends off to do family stuff.  

Im aiming mostly for tabletop, and not terribly proud of them, only a few have gotten individual Showoff threads.


currently at 11 from bones3   and 2.5 extras. 





Also included is a couple of crates made from leftover greenstuff/milliput and the current IP  figures, elven blacksmith and a treasure chest (oathsworn) 

the blacksmith had a miscast hammer arm, patched by greenstuff. 








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I thought I was done... 

but I seem to have another few days free. 

currently 19 bones,  2 random crates and a chest


did the four centipedes in a day then started working on a fire giant princess that I did a weapon swap in a bones Mash-up class 




I like where she is going, but I may rotate the sword around to face forward. 

the back is only base coated, but I can probably get her done to a reasonable standard in the next three days.. 

ill get another picture of the sword.   I would love help IDing it as  just came out of a bucket of bones bits. 


fire giantess.jpg

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