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    • By R2ED
      Sorry for the multiple posts, but got some catching up to do.  
      Here's Mr. Owlbear.  One of the strangest creatures in D&D to me, but fun to paint . My focus here wasn't the bear fur this time, but the small wings.  I have done some other wings I wasn't too proud of, so I used this as a 'oh well, if it's bad who cares' shot.  They came out decent. 
      * Turns out the yellow fade from brown worked.  Hooray!  Haven't done many wet blends, but this was a good one.
      *  Trying to find ways to bring the eyes to interesting sections.  Felt like the face and wings were what to go with.  I mean it's a bear with wings - I think it's what I'd focus on anyway.
      *  Fur layers felt solid.
      *  Face/beak details came out strong and with good separation.  
      *  So...I needed to varnish (because I varnish all of them) and went with a satin coat.  DOES NOT WORK.  Need to matte this sucker down once it dries.
      *  Not so much related to this model, but airbrushing in general, I HATE clogging with varnish.  I had to do a full tear down and clean out everything.  I use a Liquitex varnish and dial it back with some thinner, but good lord that stuff is sticky.  Even sucks cleaning it from my hands if it gets on them.
      *  I am struggling with animal nails.  Like, do you do them black?  brown?  what's the method being them and what do you use for coloring them?
      As always any feedback is welcome.  Basing?

    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      Started these at the same time I did the Middenheimers. One is based on Astrid from Skyrim, the other on an old coworker whom the sculpt resembled. Victory two of the challenge thus far. 

      Overall I'm happy with how they came out. again I went with a simple grey stone base in case I rebase them in the future.

      "Dine and dash, eh?!"
      "The Dark Brotherhood eats for free!"

      The cloak could've come out better, but I'm more concerned with clearing the Shelf of Incompleteion currently.
    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      Started on these a while ago, and they didn't need much touching up so they're my first victories on the Thanksgiving Challenge.

      I'm keeping the bases simple as eventually I'll be doing a full Middenheimer warband for Mordheim.

      The wolf cloaks match fairly well with the Middenheimer champion I already have.

      He seems to be enjoying the company of his new friends.
    • By MKCS
      Here is my take on a classic baddy.
      I was not overly fond of the creature coming out of the package.  The lower half of the mandible was lower than the Umber Hulks feet.  A bit of hot and cold water fixed that easily enough.  One of my daughters ‘donated’ some stuffy fur for the finishing touches.  I wish I could have done something differently for the eyes, but overall I am quite pleased.
      I hope you like it, and as always C&C are welcome!

    • By Felltyde
      Super simple, but I dig how shroomish they look 

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