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Okay, you went to the store today and on the way out, you came across a vending machine that sold 50 Cent toy robots...or your buddy out in the Far East just sent you a package of Gashapon robots he got cheap from the PX...or you're cleaning out your closet of minis from other, passe, game systems.


How do you go about statting what you've got?


Let me get you started. I've come up with a table of height sizes that will at least make your selection a little more fair.


This presumes that the figure is humanoid and not hunched over (like many CAVs are). However, if your figure is of a not-so-standard shape you are free to fudge a little. I'll give both English and Metric figures so whatever ruler you have handy will work. "Crown Height" is defined as from the top of the head to the sole of the foot--ignore antennae, shoulder-mounted weapons, bulky backpacks, etc.



Mini: 12mm (1/2") to 45mm (1 3/4") in Crown Height. Special Note: if shorter than 20mm, consider the figure an infantry ("grenadier") suit and put more than one in a squad. If taller than 20mm, consider them as full-fledged CAV vehicles. The latter type would have 2 Damage Tracks.



Mini: 45mm to 79mm (3 1/8") in Crown Height. 3 Damage Tracks.



Mini: 79mm to 90mm (3 1/2") in Crown Height. 4 Damage Tracks.



Mini: 90mm to 98mm (3 7/8") in Crown Height. 5 Damage Tracks.



Mini: 98mm to 112mm (4 1/2") in Crown Height. 6 Damage Tracks.



Mini: Bigger than 112mm. 7 or 8 Damage Tracks.


Of course, these figures are only guidelines, and can be subject to a little "elbow room" due to what features the model/mini has on it. From knowing the Damage Tracks, you can go on to using the Journals of Recognition to create stats for your machines.


I open the topic for discussion. :mellow:

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By the way, how this same model works in 1/60th or 28mm~30mm scale:


POWERED ARMOR: 30MM TO 60MM (1" TO 2 1/4")




LIGHT CAVS: 120MM TO 210MM (8")


MEDIUM CAVS: 210MM TO 240MM (9 1/2")


HEAVY CAVS: 240MM TO 260MM (10 1/4")


ASSAULT CAVS: 260MM TO 300MM (12")



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