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Azer minis?


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What I'd like is one that might look like a King. The prepaints are fine for the grunts & such, but I was hoping for something special.


Debating on running a level 20 5e game at LVO next February & it involves Azers, efreeti & the plane of fire! 

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I've seen two but I can't remember which company produced them. They might have been Reaper, Grenadier, something fairly recent, not Heartbreaker vintage. Wish I could remember more.


Of course when Conquest finally gets released next year (delayed to Q2 2018 from a Q2/3 2018 original release estimate) then many of the Dweghom (angry elemental fiery dragon related dwarfs) would fit as Azer since many will have flaming hair and beards.flame_berserkers_A.jpg.80cb2bdd77a7565d2406b9ab4c7e0b21.jpg


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3 hours ago, BlazingTornado said:

TSR did one in a pack with a Neo-Otyugh and a Korred way back in the 80s.


If unlicensed ones exist I have no idea what keywords would net results...


 The TSR guy is of a decent size, but kind of basic-looking. Unfortunately, he's also one of the figures that doesn't turn up very often on EvilBuy...


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21 hours ago, SotF said:

A lot of dwarf minis can be used as azers with the right paint, paint the beards/hair as flames and go with the right colors for them

The Artisan Guild Dumlok Flameseekers  would make good azer.


No pics, naked dwarf, getting comfy on her anvil.

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