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Jasonator does Syrio Forel carved by Tom Meier

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For those of you that know me, I cut my teeth on Tom Meier carvings, and I have made it a habit of painting anything that he has put

out that I can get my paws and brush on.  I was given Syrio Forel (DSM-5133) before my move.  I started painting him this week, along with

another two others Meier Sculpts.  I will mount him on a created base when I finish painting him.  Meier sculpts are ALWAYS a challenge.  They are

small and intricate, they also, at times, carry a surprise feature buried in a fold or underneath a caparison to paint.  So here is where I am on this miniature,

a day after I started work on it.  I do NOT use colors straight from a bottle, a color wheel is a close friend.  Jasonator.



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Good start.

This guy got a great pose, maybe when basing he might need a critter he's trying to keep at bay?

A snake? A Wolf?

Or maybe even go bigger and find him a human to duel with?

Or a defeated enemy laying there, waiting for the final blow or sign of mercy?

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I remember seeing a photo of Tom Meier sculpting. He was lying on his back (he has trouble with his back) & using a binocular microscope.

It explains why his details are so impossibly small & difficult to pick out.

All that aside, you are off to a FINE start. I love the leather work.

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I am actually thinking (way ahead at this point) of having him pointing that sword at a Sun Flower,

and having the flower shy left or right like it is avoiding the cut.

Just how my brain is working this morning.

Oh, and this puppy is NO EASY paint..sheesh !




Edited by Jasonator
Didn't have photo's ready.
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Walked by painting table, and saw miniature on plastic vise.

Gee...I need to correct that...


Here are two new photo's...ROFL.

Darn things are contagious.  I started out with covering over a holiday...

which led to ...

Le Sigh.

Except I love doing them.



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Even though I have taken the week off from painting due to surgery, I got back in the saddle and groove this afternoon.

It can be rather calming when it comes to miniatures.  So Here is Syrio a bit advanced from where he was a while back.

I kind of like where he is at now.  Some finishing touches, highlighting, and then to figure out what I will make for a base.

Fun stuff and it was nice having control over my brush and paints again.

Here is a few samples of what I done did.




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Great job!


"Now we will begin the dance.  Remember, child, this is not the dance of the Westeros we are learning, the knight's dance, hacking and hammering, no.  This is the Braavo's dance, the water dance, it is swift and sudden.  All men are made of water, do you know this?  If you pierce them, the water leaks out and they die."

- George R. R. Martin, A Game of Thrones


Glitterwolf, you were right, he is facing a wolf.  A direwolf.  A pup that walks in two legs; her name is Arya Stark. ::D:



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