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A Bit of Street Decor: Ainsty Castings 8205, Fire Hydrant x2 Different Based

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These are a bit of resin terrain from Ainsty Castings in the UK, Fire Hydrant x2 Different Based, SKU 8205.


They were really simple to paint. The gravel is molded on.






DSC_0651-Ainsty-Castings-Yellow-Fire-Hydrant-Terrain-DONE.jpg.5ef34436c14f6887c8e9bb7efd619f88.jpg   DSC_0652.jpg.a9692bee8279df98524cacadd41ef627.jpg


They might be a smidgen oversized. Here's a scale shot with a figure:



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On 11/24/2018 at 2:32 AM, Darsc Zacal said:

Very nice. Simple but they look good.


That mini. Is that the new Doctor?


No, but close.


That's Crooked Dice's (alas, no longer available) version of not-Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, daughter of the venerable Brigadier from Doctor Who.


It's a great figure. There aren't many modern older women with that much gravitas in miniatures.


Sadly, Crooked Dice yanked all of its (very good, very detailed, and very closely resembling the characters) not-Doctor-Who figures off the market some while ago.

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