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Where are you getting your sci-fi battlemaps?


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Sci-fi minis need sci-fi battlemaps, right? I've seen pre-printed sci-fi battlemaps for sale, but those aren't customizable and might be difficult to work into a particular campaign, and you can only reuse a given map so many times before it gets old and stale.


What I have not seen is decent software for creating custom battlemaps with strong support for sci-fi mapping assets. Dundjinni used to be a good option, but it's end-of-life.


So what are folks using to create their own sci-fi battlemaps? Photoshop and Gimp? Do they NOT create their own, and stick to using published deckplans, or perhaps modular 3D terrain? Is there a pent-up need/demand for a mapping app that caters to sci-fi gamers?


Of possible interest:

RPGMapShare.com has some great sci-fi mapping assets posted there. And Heroic Maps has some wonderful sci-fi tilesets on DriveThruRPG.

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Apart from a bunch of printed one-off maps that get re-used once in a while for common locations (cantina, hangar bay, etc), I also use sets of tiles from various sci-fi board games.


Star Saga and Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster were already mentioned (I actually bought the Battle for Alabaster game specifically for the tiles, since the full game was only a few dollars more than just the spare tile set, so I got bonus miniatures!). Zombicide: Invader and Deep Madness also have great tile sets (got those from the Kickstarter campaigns).


And back when WotC was doing Star Wars RPGs and miniatures, they made a handful of maps for the miniatures battle game, and a single set of SW themed tiles (since they were already doing so many sets of D&D tiles around that time). I have a couple of those tile sets as well.


And I still have my first edition Space Hulk  full game with tiles. I also have the 3rd Ed Space Hulk (and extra tiles bought on eBay), but I sold my 2nd Ed Space Hulk because the art was a bit "cartoony" (since it came out around the time as the original Necromunda). Unfortunately, I missed out on a set of floor tiles made for the most recent edition of Necromunda.


So, unless I get some new game that comes with its own maps or tiles, I may never need any additional map or tile resources for the remainder of my gaming carrer.

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I have two sets of Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster.

GF9's Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps  and the expansion Get Away From Her, You B***h! each have 4 double sided tiles.

And I have a Starfinder tiles set somewhere around here, but I don't remember what it is.

I also have many maps from DriveThruRPG that would need printed.

Many tile sets from Global Games Legions of Steel and the print and play for the new version.

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