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Help Finding a Miniature


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Hello. I play Freeblades from DGS Games (Awesome Fantasy Skirmish game by the way!) and I am looking for a proxy. While I love their minis, this one in particular just leaves me wanting: https://www.dgsgames.com/product/witchcat/


Anyone know of a good proxy from any line. I'm thinking a Panther type mini but am open to any cool cats in 32mm. I checked Reaper's Figure Finder and basically came up with a tiger that was OK but might be a little small. Help me Reaper Community. You're my only hope.

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Hasslefree have this sabretoothed tiger. It was designed for a rider but might come close to what you wanted in terms of size. I have a really nice old displacer beast miniature in metal but I can't remember who made it. It could be a Ral Partha figure. The four tentacles were separate and it would make a very effective panther.


Ral Partha Displacer Beast (rare but good if you can find it)



Hasslefree Miniatures Sabretoothed Tiger


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1 hour ago, strawhat said:

Reaper does have some nice options:


14453: Elven Hunting Cat


That Elven Hunting Cat is pretty cool and looks very feral. Definitely a possibility.

39 minutes ago, TheAuldGrump said:


Outside of Reaper, Mantic has a number of big cats - both for their elves and for the Basileans.




The Auld Grump

Grump, which one is the pic at the very bottom? That looks good as well.

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