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 Sauriana is a 32mm tabletop skirmish game set in an alternate 19th century, where dinosaurs once again roam the earth, paleontology drives the economy, and new world powers lurk in the shadows. 

Players build their band of daring and intrepid agents, and battle against their opponents in a fast-paced, narrative gameplay experience where fortune favors the bold and hiring the right men, women, and beasts for the job mean the difference between success and failure, life and death. 

Gameplay in Sauriana is straightforward and intuitive, and getting into the game is affordable. The goal of this Kickstarter is to launch our game in its most complete form - successful funding will allow us to produce our starter box for the game, as well as faction starters to get players into the game from the ground up. Most of our initial miniatures are sculpted, molded, and cast, ready for launch, and any funding in excess of our goal will go towards expanding our miniature range to provide even more great models for players and hobbyists. 

Our 32mm scale resin miniatures are just exude detail and personality! Our 32mm scale resin miniatures are just exude detail and personality!
  • 32mm Scale - compatible with most game ranges and terrain. 
  • High quality multi-part resin miniatures cast by our partners at Secret Weapon Miniatures, and sculpted by some of the best in the industry. 
project video thumbnail
  • A normal game will number 3-10 miniatures per player.
  • We make it easy for players to get into the game! This Kickstarter is meant to fund both the starter set, and faction starters - everything you need to get started in one box
  • 3 x 3 game table is suitable for normal play, though the game can be expanded with more miniatures per side and more terrain. 
  • Objective-based gameplay with a heavy narrative focus.
  • Rules for Expeditions - Campaign play to chronicle the journey of your Posse, encouraging you to personalize your force. 
  • Assets and Equipment add a massive amount of tactical depth and synergy, equipping your Expedition with the right weapons, armor, tools and instincts to maximize their potential in the game. 
  • Unique D20 system for simple, effective gameplay basics.
  • Dinosaurs! Steampunk Automatons! Time Travel! 

A Game Like No Other...

My name is Sam Nolton, and I've been developing Sauriana for almost four years. It's gone through a number of iterations, including our planned 54mm version I attempted to raise funds for in 2016. I've listened to the community's feedback, and put a lot of work into bringing to life what I believe is the best possible version of this game. 

The miniatures, aesthetic, narrative, and themes of Sauriana are all extensions of myself, it's the game I've always wanted to play- and I hope it will appeal to others as well. Drawing inspiration from a number of genres, as well as real-world history (most notably the Great Dinosaur Rush or "Bone Wars" of the 19th century), I am truly excited to present this game to the Kickstarter crowd with the hopes of bringing it to life. 

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Ok, so....








With some actual history thrown in, what with the Dinosaur Wars and all.


I'm a little concerned about the first-time project, anyone else see any particular red flags? Because this thing looks awesome and I want to believe.

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A first time creator of a games rule set is always a risk. Beyond that I’d be more concerned about the minis.

(getting flashbacks of Torn Armor)


I only know Secret Weapon for their bases, which are quite well done. I’m not familiar with their minis. Didn’t even know they did minis.

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They have a crossover mini with Antediluvian Miniatures, they do good work so I'd take that as a good sign. At a minimum they could give some advice to help with the miniature manufacturing process.


However, they have a playtest rulebook in an update attached to the first ks attempt, and it looks a little too fiddly to be a lot of fun. Hit locations giving penalties to different stats being the one that stood out, as well as initiative (fastest goes first, if both sides have same speed then player who set up second gets to go first, so maybe need some bookkeeping) and the shooting rules look painful:


"Shoot: The Agent, if equipped with an Arms asset fires his gun or other ranged weapon
up to its maximum Fire Rate (FR). Declare an Enemy Agent you wish to target- check
to see if this Agent is within your Agent’s line of sight (using true “model’s eye view”)
and the weapon’s range. Roll a number of Hit Allocation Dice equal to the fire rate- the
locations rolled are the locations on the enemy Agent you have hit.


Check your results against the target enemy Agent’s Cover Dice (if he is In Cover)


The Agent making the Shoot Action may then re-roll the Hit Allocation Dice a number
of times equal to his Verity statistic. Note: he may re-roll a single Hit Allocation Dice
multiple times, or may re-roll several Hit Allocation Dice once or more. Once the Verity
re-rolls have been made, determine how many times the enemy Agent has been
injured, and in what locations. Injuries detailed in the next section.


Example: Player 1’s Rockhound Agent fires a Peacemaker Revolver its maximum FR of 2
times for a Shoot Action, rolling 2 Hit Allocation Dice. His target is Player 2’s Curator, who
is In Cover behind a whiskey barrel. The Curator is showing a Cover Dice with his head,
right arm, and right leg exposed. Player 1’s Shoot Action yields Hit Allocation Dice showing
a Torso and a Left Leg- both misses, since neither of those locations are exposed with the
Curator in cover. Player 1’s Rockhound Agent has a Verity of 2, so he player decides to reroll
both Hit Allocation Dice one time each. This time, the results are a Right Arm and Torso.
The Torso result is still a miss, but the Right Arm location is exposed, and therefore does
one injury to this location."


The shooting rules also include magazine capacity, so reload rounds will need to be calculated, and ammo used will need to be tracked.


Cover as well seems problematic, depending on how argumentative they players are:

"The players agree on how effective the cover is at concealing the agent. For
example, if an Agent is in cover behind a waist-high pile of boxes, it is generally agreed
that the Agent is kneeling down on one knee, firing over the boxes with only his head,
torso, and arms exposed."


Maybe it's just amongst my friends, but we don't generally agree on anything.


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I'm a little concerned about the low funding goal and many stretch goals tbh. With the detail/complexity of some of the miniatures and the promise of high quality resin production casts, I'm not so sure this is financially viable without additional (out-of-pocket?) funding to be recouped through regular sales.

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Yeah, those rules look a bit clunky. I'll admit I'm mostly interested in the minis, though.


And yeah, the stretch goals and low funding seem problematic, I've backed for a dollar and asked about that. I'll update here if there's an answer.

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Ok, so... Here's my question:


And here's the response:




So, the lack of attention to detail in their pledge text is a bit off-putting. The smaller-than-advertised big box isn't a problem for me, but the confusion is, a bit.

The bigger issue, to me, is that the response to my second question looks an awful lot like the early days of miniature Kickstarters, with creators not recognizing the cost of stretch goals and getting hit with predictable but unexpected production costs when their project went from 10 minis for 500 backers to 40 minis for 10,000 backers.


Not that these stretch goals are quite that bad, but still. I'll continue watching, but I'm not sold yet.

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