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Thanks so much REAPER!

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So, I just want to give a shout out and thank you to reaper for a great black Friday deal and great customer service! I ordered on Friday morning (well 10PM PST Thursday), and by Friday morning my order was on its way, just got it today. That's service, and I made a request for a sample bottle, and you guys threw one in, that was awesome (and the color is awesome). Just wanted you guys to know.

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4 minutes ago, Weird-O said:

Got my Black Friday order in yesterday, thanks as well!


Quick question, though: What color is the sample paint? There's no name on the bottle, and the color itself is kind of a toothpaste green?

I don't think they have names, From what I recall, they either are incorrect mixes of paint or NEW paints they are trying out that do not come out right:( Since they mix (again from what I recall) 5 gallons a shot, so that would be a lot of waste:)


Oh, and BIG THUMBS DOWN to USPS, my second Reaper order is sitting at waiting for USPS to pick up since YESTERDAY morning:( USPS needs to step up:(

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Okay, so I figure since this was my original post, pulling it back up would be okay. Just got my order (partly from funds from the Yeti Contest, thanks again @ladystorm) and once again Reaper did not disappoint! Everything looks great (though I was a little shocked the owlbear was just bagged like kickstarter mini's usually are haha. Still an awesome mini!), and they even kindly threw in another great sample paint! So without further ado, here's what I got:



Yup, Viridius, Bones Black Owlbear and 40mm base (I need something to push over 40 bucks haha). And a cool blue sample paint:) Cannot wait to paint the owlbear and start working on viridius.

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5 hours ago, ladystorm said:

Owlbear is in baggie because stock of the plastic blister part of packaging is depleted.  The rush restock for that packaging component hasn't arrived so the promo is going out in non retail packaging. (baggie from factory)

I was thinking it was something like that:) Thanks for the reply:) He is awesome no matter what he came in! 

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