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Halflings and fantasy friends. By TTCombat

Darsc Zacal

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Have to say I’m quite liking some of these halflings:



Just a few pics of some of the minis and concepts. A lot more are on the kickstarter site.

Curiously, no women folk though.










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I rather like the townsfolk militia, and that barrel-leaning "casualty" gives me an itch for getting a couple of them to do a "the day after the great halfling-dwarf showdown" tavern diorama.


Truth to be told, though, I ultimately don't think I'll shell out for yet another fun-looking halfling line that doesn't seem to include any women. Still more RPer than miniatures gamer.

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Female halfling spotted! :D



Prices look great. Also, looks like they have some Army Painter paint and paint rack bundles. 




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26 minutes ago, TheAuldGrump said:

These are something that I dearly wish we had the money for right now - great minis, terrible timing. ::(:


Those drunk halflings and 'casualties'... (Dead? Or just dead drunk?)


And I love that wraith....


The Auld Grump


This. Love the looks of these but don't have any cash and maybe don't need another army yet. Hate passing up such a good deal but kind of have to.

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