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SPACEFUTURE: Moravecs Part 2--50246, 50138, Bombshell bitty bots


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Robots of standard tabletop size: Reaper's ALF-24 (50138) and Marie, She-Bot (50246). These models are manufactured to work as humanoid assistants for general-purpose work, especially work that requires human interaction that humans don't particularly want to do.  DSCN4898.thumb.JPG.0ab8889ead44424c09e49f982b9a8382.JPGDSCN4891.thumb.JPG.7edf118621b7ad78e46ac65f63b18b62.JPGDSCN4895.thumb.JPG.b848787e8e6d0e3f8bd1aebc37d19bd3.JPGDSCN4893.thumb.JPG.9488254f685e89dad954fd84cc62f495.JPG

And here are a pair of smaller models: Bombshell's HLP-R and MIN-E bots. These two were created for small-quarters general purpose operations, and also for interactions with children. (Children will trust little buddies more than they will grown-up Authority Figures, was the idea.) Side note: I love that the HLP-R bot has the same feet design as the Hydra WarBot, and the fist-pump on that MIN-E bot is great. That little metal tic-tac is adorable. 

And here's the whole nuclear-powered family! 


Side note two: I would totally read this cheap paperback if I found it yellowing in a used bookstore: 


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