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Happy, Holly Hobby Goals!(December Hobby Goals Thead)

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I've spent the last month trying to get things assembled and at least primed for a 24-hour charity event this weekend.  Once it is over and done, I will probably set everything aside for a few days, and then spend the rest of the month trying to finish off all of my Adeptus Titanicus models.  Once those are out of the way (and they are actually mostly tabletop ready at the moment), I need to start working on a couple different armies for SAGA.  And my Greek for Arena Rex.  I won't actually finish either of those, but I want to make a good start before hanging my brushes up for the holidays about the 22nd or so.

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Ack!  December already??


- Finish Secret Sophie mini & get it in the mail

- Finish minis for Christmas presents

- Decorate two plastic tackle boxes for my granddaughters' Christmas presents (the many little compartments will make great storage for all their hair accoutrements)


And if there is time - paint more Santas!


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On 11/29/2018 at 8:25 AM, Corsair said:

December already?


1-Finish and mail Secret Santa CAV

2 Finish and decal 11 CAVS ready for paint

3 Work on another batch of minis in the to-do pile

Got #1 knocked out, starting priming on #2, man I gotta learn how to airbrush acrylics to prime these.....

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On 12/4/2018 at 4:50 PM, Auberon said:
  On 12/3/2018 at 2:00 PM, Auberon said:

December is Secret Sophie month so my main goal is to work on that.  As of today that includes:

  • 1 mini prepped and primed  Complete. It just needs a bit of sealing and I can call it done.
  • 2 minis prepped
  • 2 bases prepped
  • 1 of the above minis attached to 1 of the above bases.  Now primed and basecoated.

This is a painting week so fingers crossed most of the work will get done this week.  Beyond that I'll go back to work on a large scale mini but I doubt I finish anything in time to enter it into the forum contests. 


Another one done.  Priming the last one today.

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WHAT. Me too @ "December already?!"


Uhhhh. I still never went to the store to buy LEDs for my nightlight dragon. It's been a couple years already. I guess pushing it off another month won't hurt it!


- Finish a thing for a friend

- Ma'al is my destress piece. Work on it and make happy art! 

- I really need to just sit down and figure out what I don't like about Kiara (my latest human sculpt from a couple months ago). I watched a sculpting video and the guy just... sculpts his feelings or something and it just magically appears. :lol: I do not have enough practice to do that. Kiara not having arms at all, not even wire, is just throwing me off too much. I can't "see" her pose anymore, especially without that full armature. I think that just means it's time to restart her!
- keep practicing skintones

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Managed to get everything done for November (and got the zombies done in time for the game).





* Mine tracks and some carts. (still need rust though)

* Clean the office. (and move the spraybooth to the smaller table, adjust the shelves on that table so it fits)

* Paint 11 toy crocs


* Paint some more dragonborns

* Photograph everything from last month

* Paint the kobolds from KS3

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On 11/29/2018 at 8:25 AM, Corsair said:

December already?


1Finish and mail Secret Santa CAV Done

2 Finish and decal 11 CAVS ready for paint Done

3 Work on another batch of minis in the to-do pile

Okay, I've gotten 1 & 2 done. In the middle of #3 and terrified that I have another 2 orders coming in.....cursed little sweet cute Christmas dragons.......

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On 12/2/2018 at 6:49 AM, Rob Dean said:

... my goal is going to be to paint more than last month. ::P:


... last month ... I did finish two miniatures...


So I had some enforced quiet time today and was painting while waiting on car maintenance. I got two things for Ghost Archipelago done (enough for gaming at least), but I need to base them and varnish them before they count.





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On 12/1/2018 at 6:28 PM, Evilhalfling said:

Lots of Kingdom Death to work on this month. 

Start Gold Smoke Knight.  Finshed !  12-16

Re-base White Lion on 3D printed base & add tall grass 

Paint Tall Grass terrain 

Start Dung Beetle Knight 


Assemble Dragon King: (assuming no delivery delays) 

- hunt dragon king in solo KDM game. 


Plan End of Year Photo's.   

+ 3 more from Bones core3.  Minivember helped a lot, but I should keep plugging away.   115 of 153 remain. 

Finish Fire Giant Princess



Bones mechanical monkey.

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On 11/30/2018 at 9:25 AM, Zink said:

Current list in rough order of priority.

Paint 5 GW HE reaver knights

Make ruined tower for my castle

Make mine head for siege scenario

Make more mantlets and some other odds and ends for siege scenario. 

Assemble and paint my huge Harlequin trebuchet

Paint or repaint the handful of elf characters that aren't finished yet. Would love to say that after 20 years my HE army is 100% painted.

Paint some of my assembled Frostgrave minis.


Half month update because I've been doing stuff.

Reaver knights finished.

Ruined tower built but needing detailing and paint. 

Mine head finished.


Also did.

Made a 9" wall piece for my castle but it needs the brick work and paint.

Painted all the stone wall pieces from Mantic's Terrain Crate set.

Painted a skeleton dwarf and halfling.

Almost finished painting a buzzard and panther.

Made 3 sets of the objective pieces for Frostgrave Ulterior Motives. Should finish painting the last statue tonight.


Still on the list.

Mantlets and trebuchet. Hoping to have everything ready so the kids and I can do a big siege battle over Christmas break. 

More Frostgrave minis than I want to count right now.

Thinking about doing more Frostgrave scatter terrain soon too. May try to get some games of it in over the break as well.

About 10 elf heroes and wizards. These are lower priority right now.

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On 12/1/2018 at 9:36 PM, Inarah said:

I haven't had a plan in a long time but I was thinking maybe 30 minis in 30 days. No, too ambitious, how about 20 minis.  I have at least that many in various stages from freshly primed to why isn't this done yet.  I'm at 50 for the year, +20 would be a good finisher. 



Yay, steroids. My hands work again.  I finished 2 this week, which brings me to 10 for the month, and still 16 days to go. 


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Apearantly, I haven't posted my goals yet. Time to fix that.


--Complete 3 Classic RPG Video games this year.

--find those #@!$%^%&*%[email protected] Monks this time!

--work on Nativity set for friend of family

--Complete Deep Cuts Gnome Druid for fellow player's Gnome enchanter at AL.

--Start plans for my F2F D&D4E campaign's endgame.


Progress so far...

--Finished Final Fantasy 3 and Dragon Quest 6. Decided on trying to finish Phantasy Star on my Switch for third game. At the point where you are looking for a Robot, I think?

--main thing I'm doing over Christmas at my parents.

--It has Primer on now. or at least the family does. That is progress, right?

--most base coats are done. started shading.

--Haven't done a single thing yet!



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