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02343 Drake Whiteraven

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    • By kazmania7
      Here is the second of the three drow I had primed to do this month in an attempted to get the skin tones down and to experiment which colors work well with thier dark skin before tacking my raging heros ones. When I seen her I knew I wanted to keep her a dark color theme, I tried at fist giving her red boots and gloves (typical drow colors) at first but it just didn't look right and went over with purple.

    • By kazmania7
      Told myself I'd get in the habit of posting more often so here's my lastest work. Been trying to do a classic female mage from reaper every month and this was july's attempt. Normally I paint my white warn but wanted to change it up and try a cool white for a change.

    • By kazmania7
      So to continue the trend of painting some of my old mini's I chose to do princess Elena this month from what Reaper calls their classic female wizards as I had did Kimberlee last month.

    • By kazmania7
      Another of last months work, I was searching thru my bin of unpainted mini's when I happen upon what reaper calls their Classic female wizards. I was always timid about doing them because their faces seem so small to me at the time I had gotten her. But decided to paint brave now-a-days so...

      Oh and sorry for the loose static grass bits, I always forget to wipe off or airbrush away before I take pics, lol.
    • By kazmania7
      well thought I'd post this month's work so far.

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