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Regency Space - AKA Dark Spelljammer ((No Megans, Please))

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On 11/29/2018 at 11:28 AM, TheAuldGrump said:

The furnishings and details (navigators set, workbench) have been excellent - I am definitely getting more of them. (The torture chamber and the cage are both high on the list.)


Sad thing - getting all the Terrain Crate furnishings have made me want more furnishings... Mantic is serving a WizKids advertising, and vice versa, in a vicious circle of wonderful terrain....


And I am filling a two layered pistol case with furniture already....


That's just the furniture - not the tents, walls, hedges, & etc. from Terrain Crate. My adventures are now well furnished - and on Saturday, in my Regency game, the PCs are raiding a bank... Fortunately, I have the desks.... ::):(I love love Julie - she decided to 'follow the money'. ::D:She has pretty much taken control of the Urban Party for the Regency Space game.)


If things go as planned, they will not need the furniture on the table - but I can already tell you that things won't go according to plan.... :devil:


They didn't know to hit the bank until the cemetery raid - but they did not get all the bad guys from the cemetery raid - so the folks at the bank know something is up....


And, after the bank raid, it is back to space - alternating months. ::):


Sadly, I do not have a vault door for the bank....


The Auld Grump - there are a lot of times I miss Molly (the Younger) - she was our combat wombat. (Jon is our battle badger.)



Been more, scattered in the Random Rampancy threads, too tired to dig, right now.


On Saturday the PCs will be facing the two great challenges of the Age of Space Sailing - banks and insurance. ::P:


Julie is tracing the money - let us see if any of the PCs notice the trap....


The bank that they are raiding also holds the mortgage for the lien on the income from the titled characters' estate if the party makes the mistake of nabbing the paperwork, then it will be obvious that the bank was infiltrated at the behest of said characters.


If they take all the mortgage info then they will learn that there was a back up - but it won't be traced back to PCs.


Also, they will discover that the insurance policy on the PC ship has been purchased - by some company called Crimson Permanent Assurance.



The Auld Grump - tired enough that that seems like a good idea... ::P:

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1 hour ago, TheAuldGrump said:


Also, they will discover that the insurance policy on the PC ship has been purchased - by some company called Crimson Permanent Assurance.



The Auld Grump - tired enough that that seems like a good idea... ::P:


So you'll be needing a tiny tea set for when they meet the Crimson Permanent Assurance.

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What are the odds of the PCs noticing...?


Four members are in the SCA, one works in a bookstore, one is a professional nerd and used to work in the same bookstore and one is Megan.... ::D: 


Pretty sure that all of them will get the joke.


But, while I was joking about insurance - Lloyd's of London was very important in the Age of Sail.


The money is in owning your own ship - the real money is in owning a fleet... (I have a very real urge to watch Connections*... Again.)


The Auld Grump - second star on the right, then straight on 'til morning.


*EDIT* Connections was, in my opinion, the best television show ever made - and the episode that I am thinking of was the first one.

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The party... took the bait. More accurately, Duncan's character took the bait - and didn't tell the rest of the party.


And only took the mortgage papers for the lien on his family's money....


At the end of the next short run with the starjammer players, Duncan's main character is going to be arrested. (Cliffhanger!)


Then we will pick up again with the urban characters - who will learn of the arrest before it happens, but not in any position to prevent it.


And, because he is a noble, and because the Bank belongs to the Crown, it is being treated as Treason - and he will be tried in the House of Commons. (Which - for the record - is not proper procedure. Parliament does not try members of the Noble Families - someone is using this as a means to remove a piece from the board, Nor is taking the papers treason - a felony - hells, yes! But not treason.)


When/if the PCs break into the basement of the House of Commons to rescue him, they will find not only their friend - in a loverly metal cage, thanks to WizKids - but also many, many barrels of gunpowder, connected by a fuse.... (If they use fire magic on the cultists planting the bombs, well... it could end badly for everyone. :devil: )


*EDIT* There are multiple ways into the basements of the House of Commons - including one through a major storm drain.... If they take that route they have a chance of meeting the cultists that are planting the bombs on their way in. Otherwise they run into the cultists that sre setting the bombs, and may have to fight through them going the other way. (Incidentally - these cultists are not suicidal - they want to blow up Parliament, not get blown up themselves.)


If the party doesn't try to rescue him, then the cultists will rig a detonator to the door of the prison chamber, the bailiff will come down to retrieve the prisoner when the House of Commons is in session, and... *Boom*


They did not find the insurance papers tying their ship to The Crimson Permanent Assurance Company (Insurance and Trusts.)


The Auld Grump - strange to say, CPA aren't the bad guys... more of a red herring....


*EDIT* Miniatures and Maps to be used -


Minis - Reaper Bones Cultists, FrostGrave Cultists, Reaper Bones Dark Young (advanced Otyugh, in this case), Rats, Rats, and More Rats, Wererats, and more Wererats/Skaven*, WizKids Cage & Chains (maybe two), Reaper Bones soldiers (guards and bailiffs). *EDIT* Reaper Hound of Tindalos - the cultists brought an ally....


Maps - Heroic Maps Sewers, Wardenhale Sewers, and State Chambers. (Where the whole idea came from. My Patreon support for them paid for itself right there. ::): )


*Depending on how the PCs deal, the wererats can be on either or both sides. One group of cultists are wererats, and the folks that are renting passage through the sewers and storm drains are wererats - but not the same wererats. The second group are crooks, not traitors and not cultists. Heck, where possible they will try to capture trespassers and ransom them, rather than murder them. ::):

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 Next game, Duncan's character gets arrested at the end of the session - we will be picking up again with the urban group. Likewise, the captain of the ship will be arrested, on an existing warrant for crimes possibly committed before the game started. (A Story Feat that can be be concluded. Story Feats are awesome, and I wish that every PC would take one.)


After that, there will be an encounter with some Lawful Good werewolves, working for the Church. (Depending on how things go they can either be allies or antagonists of the PCs. They know that something is rotten at the heart of the Regency - and that the PCs are somehow involved.)


Amusingly, for me at least, one of the 'Saints' of the Church is based on a Reaper mini -


Patron Saint of spacefarers and freedom. (And a succubus that has broken from the chains of Hell. A Chaotic Good saint in a Lawful Good to Lawful Neutral Church.)


Continuing with werecritters - one of the possible ways of rescuing the arrested Baronet is to break into the basement of the House of Commons - bribing wererats to get free passage is a viable method.


Sooo looking forward to that part - the PCs have the potential of accidentally blowing up parliament! ::D:(Barrels full of gunpowder. So many barrels full of gunpowder!)


If it seems silly that the PCs might be able to sneak into the basement of the House of Commons through a storm drain... look up Guy Fawkes, eh? ::P:


The Aguld Grump - Badda boom? BIG badda boom!

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Wrapping in a few months.


The Spacejammer players had an encounter with Nodens - who messed with travel times. (They don't know it yet - their journey will take much less time than they expect.)


And next game the Urban group will be heading for the disused coastal fort where they stopped the ceremony last time.


This time they will encounter something else - the first clue will be the sounds of someone tuning a violin. ('I have had many names, many masks, and many tasks at hand... Doorman, gatekeeper, messenger, herald, and, at this moment, courier, from my King to yours... This is a gift for your King, from mine'.)


The courier has skin so black that it has violet highlights, with eyes completely dark,whimsically dressed in purple livery. While the violin is white as bone....


Let's see if any of the players remember when and how the King went mad.... Also, when Nyarlathotep asks a favor... the PCs will need to make a WILL save, or be compelled to complete the delivery. (The King has gazed on Azathoth... catching his attention while playing the fiddle.)


On the other hand, as part of the bargain, he can help them reach Megan's character in the Dreamlands. (One of three ways - the others are Megan managing to 'poison' them with a sleeping draught, and a mirror hidden in the palace, which will allow them to physically enter the Dreamlands.)


The Auld Grump

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