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Reaper Dungeon Dwellers for December 2018: Caerindra Thistlemoor, Female Warrior


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Edit: Here's the info on the mini for this month (so you don't need to look for pg 3)




With hair like fire and the temper to match, the swordswoman Caerindra Thistlemoor is a seasoned adventurer. Those looking for someone to lead their party into the dungeons of Barrowgate, look no further.

Starting December 1 through December 31, you can get this FREE "Caerindra Thistlemoor" with your qualifying order! 
Sculpted by Bobby Jackson and painted Rhonda Bender!






Thinking of picking up some L2P kits in December for my nieces... and it would be nice to have a dungeon dweller that I could use multiples of. <3

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1 hour ago, redambrosia said:

Well, their pattern has been hero-monster-hero-monster. And since we got a hero type this month, it'll probably be a monster next month. So there is that.

It's probably too much to ask for a heroic monster, right? :D

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I thought I heard somewhere a Minotaur 

was coming in near future. 

But don’t quote me on it.

Orc Raiders are listed in Releases for this month and I thrilled about that.

I’d love to see more of the kobolds and goblins and a Bugbear or two. 

I hope this line continues beyond this year. 


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5 minutes ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

One can never have enough minotaurs!

I think that's what my wallet is afraid of! 


At least hopefully make it January, because then I CAN actually work on my mini list of things I wish to order! 


Too many things are earmarked for December atm, and I suspect whatever Holiday promo winds up happening will be doing its best effort to sink my wallet... o_O

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5 hours ago, Cygnwulf said:

Ya know, Minos only needed one Minotaur....


Yeah, well... Uhm...  I'm a greedy fox.  Or something! :P


We are talking about someone who's probably going to order a second Minotaur Demon Lord so that he can do a variety of modifications to it (short version - it would make a rather nice Anubite / Jackal / etc)

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I'm guessing/hoping December will be an adventurer. They doubled up on monsters when they made October a Vampire.
Jan: Rictus the Undying (Monster)
Feb: Human Fighter (Adventurer)
Mar: Bloodbite Goblins (Monster)
Apr: Halfling Thief (Adventurer)
May: Cairn Wraith (Monster)
June: Elf Ranger (Adventurer)

July: Orc Warrior (Monster)

Aug: Human Wizard  (Adventurer)

Sep: Ratpelt Kobolds (Monster)

Oct: Vampiress (Monster)

Nov: Dwarf Fighter  (Adventurer)


If they're doing 6 & 6, that'd leave us short one adventurer going into the last month. 


I'd also guess that December will be a human Cleric (or Paladin?). Reaper stated they were going for minis for a feeling that "hearkens back to the old-school days of fantasy miniatures" and most of them seem to fit in with 1st ed D&D. There were only 3 classes: Fighting Man, Magic-User, & Cleric* (Greyhawk expansion added Thief), and four races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling*). So if they're trying to stick to the feel of 1st ed D&D Cleric would be the most logical choice, as it's the only one currently unrepresented. Also, only Humans could be clerics. I'd like it to be a female character, since up to this point every Adventurer has been male (well, probably. Who knows with elves?), but maybe they'll break their all-dude streak.

Just my thinking. We'll see what happens in 19 days.

*yes, Demi Humans were technically both races and classes, I'm just separating them based on our current usage. That might actually strengthen my argument that these characters are based on the Basic box, since November is simply called "Dwarf Adventurer."

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