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Quick Facts

  • Cosmo Communicator is a pocketable clamshell smartphone with a physical backlit keyboard
  • Device features dual colour touchscreen displays and a 24MP camera
  • External 2" touchscreen when device is closed and large 6" touchscreen when device is open - ample space to create on the move.

  • Cosmo runs Android 9 (Pie) and also supports Linux OS, such as Sailfish OS and Debian, with a multi-boot option

  • Built to be the only device you need to carry, and small enough to fit in your pocket, it’s a true all-in-one replacement for both your mobile phone and your laptop.

Media Coverage


Slashgear  "This is just the latest and greatest of the machines the company’s made to fill the gaps between smartphone and laptop“
ZD NET  "Tiny Android, Linux laptop: Cosmo Communicator is also dual-screen phone”

The Verge “tiny Android laptop …doubles as a phone”
The Register  "Planet brought the clamshell QWERTY back to the market 17 years after Psion made its last PDA”
Engadget  “intended to serve as a phone, not just a pocketable productivity machine”
Liliputing  “… use as a smartphone replacement rather than a smartphone companion”
Engadget Japan “レトロフューチャーなデザインに最新機能山盛りのGemini PDA後継機”

The Planet Story continues...

At Planet Computers innovation is at the heart of our company.  Earlier this year,  we successfully delivered our Gemini PDA product to more than 7000 Indiegogo backers who supported our mission to kick start a new mobile computing revolution. 

Now, we are ready to push our vision even further and you can be part of it.

In the process of developing our new device we asked our Indiegogo backers, users and followers what features they wanted to have.

We are excited to announce that we are extending the range of Planet devices with the Cosmo Communicator, our new flagship device.

The Cosmo Communicator is a modern dual-screen clamshell-based mobile communicator with an integrated keyboard. It is built to be a great pocket computer, a superb mobile phone and an excellent high resolution camera.


The Cosmo features dual colour displays: it features an external colour touchscreen display for easy phone call control and notifications.  Tucked away inside the beautiful and sleek award winning clamshell design is an ultra-wide 6” colour touchscreen display providing ample space to create on the move with a fully functioning  keyboard integrated into the device. When open, the innovative clamshell also acts as a support of the device, allowing you to type comfortably.


Cosmo’s newly designed backlit keyboard, allows you to comfortably work at night or in dark spaces such as on long plane journeys without the need of external lighting.




Disclaimer; I own the Gemini, their previous communicator. 

Yes, the keyboard works and you can write on it at a decent speed. 

Unfortunately, on the Gemini, Libreoffice on Debian really lags... like my painting... 

(Yeah, struggling to catch up.)

They're promising a faster CPU with more cores on the Cosmo, but so far I don't know how much faster. 

MUltiboot OS is possible (I have Debian as default, Android as second and Sailfish as the third on my Gemini), but currently it requires a fiddly process where you download OS images, erase the internal storage on the device, then use a PC SW package to flash it with the images. And multibooted devices don't support the usual Android update system.   

(I expect the process will be improved later)


I'm currently undecided and have about a week left to decide...   



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Top Posters In This Topic

From the FAQ:


What keyboard layouts are supported?
The keyboard layouts planned for production are: English UK, English US, Kana Japanese, German, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Croatian, Dvorak, Finnish/Swedish, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic/Norwegian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swiss and Thai. The most popular layouts are given as options when you contribute for a Cosmo perk. For other keyboard layouts please select "Other" and we will contact you about your keyboard layout selection closer to production.


Dvorak is listed, but the other I hadn't even heard about before now.  

I'm asking in the comments for you.


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38 minutes ago, Gadgetman! said:

From the FAQ:



Dvorak is listed, but the other I hadn't even heard about before now.  

I'm asking in the comments for you.


Many thanks.  Colemak, and Colemak-P aren't as well known, as they were aimed at not only reduction of movement when typing, but the "-P" variant is specific to programming, although what it does is flip the modifier on the numerical row (so you get the symbol, and have to use shift to get the number). 


Apparently it only modifies 17 keys of the QWERTY configuration (I'm looking at switching to it over time) 

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4 minutes ago, HornedTurtle said:

I've never purchased a phone that wasn't at the Verizon store, would there be any issues using this with my existing cell phone plan?

Maybe look for frequency bands and check your carrier to compare.

The ubuntu phone was only using frequencies that were with one carrier in Canada, so I didn't back that (good thing).

Based on the faq that they dont have a final LTE list, I wouldn't back with any carriers that aren't listed.

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Just a couple of updates...   

The camera is 24Mpixel, and they're now in the process of tuning it for this specific setting.

The project has been delayed about a month.

Mechanical mockup has been approved, and tooling is being finished.   


and the project has passed from 'Live' to 'funded' and is still available as 'in demand' for late backers.


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They're testing the PR1 series of production samples now, 



This is a test of the music player... or is it AI subsystem?   


They've isolated some issues with the keyboard membrane and Flexible Printed Circuit Boards, and have  scheduled a new test batch with redesigned parts for mid august.  

If no further HW issues are found the production of the final retail model will start at the end of august. 


Edited by Gadgetman!
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On ‎11‎/‎30‎/‎2018 at 11:07 PM, HornedTurtle said:

I've never purchased a phone that wasn't at the Verizon store, would there be any issues using this with my existing cell phone plan?


From the august 17 update:


USA Carrier Testing

This week, we have also been testing the Cosmo in the USA and can confirm that it is working well on all the 3 networks that we tested - AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. We performed the tests in 4 cities in the US and all test results look good. We tested the new Cosmo Verizon Edition PCB and we can confirm the device works well on Verizon.


Anyway, the Cosmo is now officially in production, and on the 5th they will raise the IGG 'in demand' prices, so if anyone intends to snag one, now's the time. 

(The first units will start shipping in 2 weeks)

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