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Dungeon of the Mad Mage

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I'd like to inspect the skeleton.  Any indication of who it was (dogtags, house markings, that sort of thing)?   Also - 

"Hey Dorn come here quick. I need your help." Finn points to the trigger to open the door. "Press right there..."

Too I slams his shoulder powerfully into the area of the door amd is rewarded with the sound of a pop!  That is followed by anotjer sound as his shoulder fits back in place.  No permenant damage seems

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12 minutes ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

The room is small and empty, the only noteable feature the crack in the wall that opens into the passageway to the south.  The passage one goes 10ft before turning, hiding any view of what might lie further on.

I'm going to carefully approach the edge and peek around.

Stealth 12+2dex+2guidance=16

Perception 16+4guidance+3wis=23

So someone can beat me to it if they are less careful, or more thiefly.

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The rough hewn passage curves east and south ward (as well as some what downward) for about 80 feet before meeting breaking through to another room.  The floor of the room appears to becovered with water, with the floor sloping down from east to west.


Flood. The floor of the room tilts—its west end is 6 feet lower than its east end. Foul sewer water covers the floor, barely reaching the east wall but deepening by 1 foot for every 10 feet of travel westward.

Statue. A wide alcove in the north wall contains a life-size statue of a sahuagin, submerged up to its chest in sewer water. The statue emits a dim purple radiance, its head is completely turned around, and one of its arms has broken off and is nowhere to be seen.




Map is 10ft x 10ft squares.



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