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Dungeon of the Mad Mage

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In case I space off posting again......


When it's my attack, I will fire off 2 Eldritch blast at whatever the blob is!


14 + 8 (22) DMG: 7 Force (if those hit)

11 + 8 (19) DMG: 6 Force (if those hit)

On 2/25/2019 at 8:00 AM, Unit04 said:

I have a +4 initiative so I thought "Hey, maybe I'll go earlier a lot with this character" but NOOOOO.  I roll a damn 2.  


Anyway, initiative of 6.  


Your roll remind me of a player last night. He rolled a natural 19 on init. He was like WTH when he was announced as the 4th person to go. :lol:

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The translucent blob moved adjacent to the Finn/Dorn totem pole.  Despite the creature being obscurred by the water, Nephemon's Eldritch Blasts strike true, buffeting the creature.


Remaining initiative order:









(I have a map, but cell service sucks and I cant upload it right now)

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When my initiative comes up, Sithrandir will move to get a good look at the creature (if necessary) and fire off a couple shots with his longbow at it.  


Knowledge Nature = 17+3 = 20 (to see what it is)


Shot 1 = ...natural 1  ::(:


Shot 2 = 18+9 = 27

Damage = 5+6 = 11


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