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Dungeon of the Mad Mage

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Dorn climbs into the basket attached to the rope and pulley system at the top of the well, and is slowly lowered down the shaft.  He slowly passes close fit stone block until he reaches the bottom, the basket resting solidly on a floor that seems to be covered in sand.  the room is 40ftx40ft and the walls are covered with shields and graffiti.  The only exit (besides the circle of light above you) seems to be a tunnel that leads south before turning west.


The basket begins to ascend at the the same steady pace that it took on it's downward journey. 

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The graffiti is written in many languages, but all seem to be variations of "Tom/Sven/Linda/Rasputin/Kilroy was here" and "Your Mom" along with other sundry phrases.  All of the shield look quite old and dilapidated.


The rest of the party is lowered in turn down the shaft without incident.

The room is dark with only faint light coming from above.  What is the light source going to be for those without dark vision?

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