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Dungeon of the Mad Mage

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The carvings on the north wall of the hall depict (from east to west) a balor, a barlgura, a chasme, a dretch, a glabrezu, a goristro, and a hezrou. The carvings on the south wall depict (from west to east) a marilith, a nalfeshnee, a quasit, a shadow demon, a vrock, and a yochlol. 


The kenku skull smashes explosively (as it pieces go everywhere, you don't need to make a Dex saving throw) while you are able to smash in the demon faces.  The sound when you smash the dretch face and the nalfeshnee face with your mace sounds different from all of the the other faces. Your strikes echo resoundingly through out the hall.


As you reach the end of the hall you see a set of stairs that decend into a room lined with pillars.  (You cant tell more about the room until you descend the stairs)

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I'd like to inspect the skeleton.  Any indication of who it was (dogtags, house markings, that sort of thing)?   Also - 

"Hey Dorn come here quick. I need your help." Finn points to the trigger to open the door. "Press right there..."

Too I slams his shoulder powerfully into the area of the door amd is rewarded with the sound of a pop!  That is followed by anotjer sound as his shoulder fits back in place.  No permenant damage seems

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" Could you please not do that?" Finn says in an annoyed voice. "I understand that something, maybe multiple things, already know we are here but if I am going first to protect you from some dangerous device killing you I would prefer it if every wretched thing in this damn place doesn't have an easy guess at the exact time of my bloody arrival."

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1 hour ago, prophetic_joe said:

" Could you please not do that?" Finn says in an annoyed voice.

"Some things are better erased from our memory and not spoken of. These fiends needed erasing."

He turns "Who's good with traps and stuff again? The 4th panel on the North and the 2nd on the South sound... different, Oh, and there's some stairs at the end, and a bunch of pillars down there. Could be a big room.

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1 hour ago, dwarvenranger said:

Stonecunning: d20(12) + 6= 18 to determine the origin of the carvings.

You aren't able to recognize the origin of the carvings, but they were quite lifelike and there is no sign of tool marks on the carvings. Examining the smashed Dretch face, you do note what appear to be two half inch holes, where the eyes would have been, bored through the stone.  They are partially blocked by fragments and chips of stone.

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"Cant argue the fact that some things are better smashed. Still it's  best to let Finn check things over before we smash them. These might have been trapped, or even worse enspelled to return to an alive form at the touch, given how lifelike they are. And by Clangeddin's twin axes I'd not be wantin' ta fight some of these. Some of these would be foes beyond our abilities to combat."

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2 hours ago, prophetic_joe said:

"Alright let me take a look." Finn moves to the face of the Dretch to examine it a bit closer.


perception roll for traps 2+5=7


32 minutes ago, dwarvenranger said:

"Maybe you want to check the wall behind it Finn" says Dorn as he rolls his eyes. 

Gives advantage on the perception check.

"Look where the god's fury smote the fiendish visage- no over there"

Casts Guidance +1d4

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