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12 Days of Reaper...Get ready for the madness?


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1 minute ago, ladystorm said:

I disagree.


They are the same size and shape.  Their difference is a color change and new artwork.


Sorry...I over exaggerated a bit with my comment. Overall it is still a very different looking ornament from the red one with Sophie on it.  May be the same size/shape but nothing else looks the same from the one in that pic. :)

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On 12/7/2018 at 5:52 PM, Gadgetman! said:


There's a reason why I have a separate page in my spreadsheet just for Reaper...   

(Actually, it's getting time to plit that into two pages, one for Bonesium and one for the rest)


I have 6 different sheets for reaper on mine. One for each of the Kickstarters, one for the original Bones releases, and one for metal.


Sadly I don't think I'm doing an order this month. 

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Free holiday order will probably be tomorrow, but I can't find something that I really want for 5 or so bucks to cross the 40 dollar threshold.....^_^. No way I can even come close to the $65 stocking limit. Just nothing I really want or need right now. One of the downsides of going to ReaperCon with allot of melt trade-in, I guess.


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5 hours ago, Inarah said:

What about something for the BoGW? 


Actually found something after tonight's D&D game that'll close the gap. Good idea but I've got a  Bones 1 vampire box I can select from for  BoGW +other metal treasures I'm not wanting as well. 

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Well now I have to make a small order to get my Cat Dragon after the 17th, wife did not like it and said buy it separate from our big order:( So she said only one she liked was Father Christmas so she let me pull the trigger on our order:)


29821: HD Sunburn Flesh $0.99 x1
29822: HD Suntan Flesh $0.99 x1
29846: HD Spruce Green $0.99 x1
29829: HD Golden Brown $0.99 x1
29827: HD Griffon Tan $0.99 x1
02190: Angel Of Light $12.49 x1
02207: Foals $4.99 x1
02150: Raindancer $16.49 x1
01550: Christmas Eve $9.99 x1
08907: Learn to Paint Kit: Layer Up! $39.99 x1

Your order has received 2x Dungeon Dwellers: Caerindra Thistlemoor
Merry Christmas! Your order has received a Stocking!
Merry Christmas! Your order has received 2x Father Christmas!

Woohoo, quite happy with the freebies, thanks Reaper! (The paints sat in my cart since 4PM PST today, hope I still get them)


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USPS Tracking says my first Reaper order  should be here today!

29847: HD Rich Indigo  $0.99 x1
29819: HD Twilight Purple  $0.99 x1
29822: HD Suntan Flesh  $0.99 x1
29836: HD Military Grey  $0.99 x2
29834: HD Field Grey  $0.99 x2
29848: HD Jungle Camo  $0.99 x3
72209: Talon  $5.99 x2
72217: Falcon  $5.99 x1
72222: Archer  $5.99 x1
72228: Starhawk VI  $6.99 x1

Your order has received 1x Dungeon Dwellers: Caerindra Thistlemoor<br> Merry Christmas! Your order has received 1x Christmas Dragon Hoard!<br>

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I wonder if there was a peak on 12/10 of orders? I know that’s when I placed mine and got the impression that many others did too. Internal data, so I doubt we ever see it.


But the curiosity, it burns!


29 minutes ago, Inarah said:

Mine still says: 


December 10, 2018


Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending



9 minutes ago, Charley said:

So does mine, but I'm figuring it's just the fact I chose cheap mail over tracking


If it helps soothe things, my 12/10 order shows it was accepted at the PO at 4pm yesterday and at distribution at 5pm, both without a bar code. So your packages should be on their way, they just aren’t getting the love from USPS.

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