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77434: Yeti Chieftan by TripleH

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Hey you did great! I love the pose of this guy, and your skin undertone colors give this lovely yeti the classy oranges of the Florida “skunk ape” which is my favorite being from the Southern US ;)


When I first started getting into basing, I went to Hobby Lobby and got some $3 packs of everything (sand, gravel, light and dark grass) and it got to be something I really looked forward to doing at the end of the mini. 


Beautiful job, I want to see more!

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I like your "different" take on the colour scheme, he reminds me a bit of the Heat Miser thinking in Christmas terms, but mostly he reminds me of baboon with white fur because they tend to have more of an orangey skintone. It's funny how the fantasy version with blue skin is more of the expected route but your more natural colour scheme makes perfect sense. Nicely done!


On 12/15/2018 at 10:25 AM, Chaoswolf said:

The main thing is did you have fun doing the basing? If so, then you did it right.

Oh man, I'm always doing my basing wrong then. :down:::P:

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