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Open vs. Independent

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Okay, I cannot get this to sink in for my 2 little brain cells. What is the game difference vs. the fluff difference in Independent vs. Open in the list? Is it simply that Open can be used by anyone without breaking Faction and Indy cannot use Faction?

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Open models are generally more specialized designs that every faction may need at some point, but not so much that we need to do a version for every one, but allow a force group to remain "faction-legal". The Simba is a Terran model and acts as a stand-in for the others as an example, where as the Whisperer and Ripper are both Malvern designs, but we don't need cruise missile launchers for everyone.


Independent models are specific to a smaller "faction" that we will introduce from time to time and can be used by anyone but they do not count towards being "faction-legal" for any other faction then there own.

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