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77100: Vanja, Fire Giant Princess

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Someone found the pointy finger - it is from a bugbear.  

I also based her and entered her in the contest :) 

the jailer isn't close to done. 


"This is ALL you brought me?" 


she says gesturing at the tiny pot of gold, "I hate leprechauns."



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2 hours ago, Joshinminn said:

Did you fully assemble her first?


I actually put her together out of a table of random pieces at Reapercon 2018.   (Bones conversion class) 

So I never had the spear she originally came with or the braid on the left side of her head. 


I try and assemble before painting most of the time.  Occasionally I leave off one piece until it has been roughly painted, the attach it before doing shadows and highlights

I worked a few hours on this guy today :





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