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Shading cakes


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I remember as a kid when my Father was painting large plaster and ceramic figures that he used to use something called shading cakes.  These were basically no more than finely ground and compacted chalks that you could apply with a piece of sponge or paintbrush to the painted surface and then seal the surface with a sealant.


This in mind I went wandering through different areas of the store I work at.  I found what I was looking for.  I was working in the Scrapbooking area of the store and looked up and noticed a full pallet of what they called "blending chalks."  Lo and behold I had found the shading cakes of my youth.  I picked up a pallete of them and so far I find the results to be just as good as drybrushing, if not even better at times because I'm able to get more control applying the chalks then I do drybrushing with paint.  And one nice thing about the chalks is that there is no drying time, and if you have put them on to heavy you can just either brush some of it off or wipe it off with a damp cloth.  The cleanup is superb.

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