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Bones T’Raukzul... does she stand proud?

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Probably going to pick up (Bones) T’Raukzul for the 12 days of Reapermas.  But she is BIG and I am wondering if she is going to have a problem with drooping.  Both my Cinder and Deathsleet had to have pins added at the ankles.


I’ve seen a few painted ones on the forum already:  for those that have her, what’s the verdict?  Does she stand tall or will I need to plan on pinning her somewhere?

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I got mine and let me tell you Reaper is stretching when they call this girl a "miniature", I'd be more inclined to calling her a "maxiture". Because if she were any bigger she wouldnt fit in my case. Its close to twice the size of my metal T Rauk, and I love every bit of it. I've got all of Reapers dragons  along with most of the ral partha's, and what I thought was a huge forge world dragon from like 10 years ago and the new T' Rauk is sooo much more amazing then all of them.  I'm very much looking forward to many more huge dragons in the future from Reaper, especially if they're on par with this big girl. 


As far as the drooping wings goes, my metal Kaladrax has the same problem but with this new plastic reaper is using, I don't see this ever being an issue again.


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I started constructing my T'Raukzul about 9 months ago, The only structural work I did was in pinning the areas where the wings meet the body, I also filled any large gaps with green stuff. Other than painting her wings, I have not worked on her since.


Looking at her today, I can report that her legs and stance are fine. Her right wing isn't however. Whereas before it stretched upwards higher than the left wing, it now curves from the "hand" to the two first long "fingers" to the same height as the left wing. It's not unattractive but it has definately wilted a bit!


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