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    • By Brianuk
      Have nearly finished Trista the White Wolf and am doing the base colours on the Pathfinder Witch. Both Reaper Bones. Army Painter Strong tone ink used as a primer followed by Vallejo paints and a further ink wash for Trista.
       I like the hair on the witch as the mini has a very anime feel but am not sure about the Vallejo Red Leather bit I have done for her belt and a corset. May paint over or just have red/brown accents on the gloves and boots and make the corset bit green. All c and c welcome. 

    • By Laoke
      Hi, I'm Laoke and you may remember me from such threads as Bones!  Do They Sink or Drown?  and Reaperbryan, Like Unto A Tiny God?.  I haven't been painting much of late:  been planning fiendish evil plans (mainly around swapping jobs, cities, and marrying the twisted evil artist of my dreams).  But a colleague of mine started a D&D campaign and asked if she could have a figure to represent her axe-wielding Paladin o'Shield Bashing Doomâ„¢.  And, like the fool I am, I said yes!

      I took in my stash of human female fighters with shields, and she chose 77094: Trista, the White Wolf - I figured I could do a weapon swap easily enough, and I absolutely adore the figure.  My colleague is a russian living in New Zealand, so I went with a Red + Yellow motif for the figure.

      First of all I put down the base coats: my apologies for the quality of the photos - my normal camera is in the shop.
      Then I spent some time pretty much screwing the figure up and swapping the weapon out because I forgot to do it before I put down the base coat.  This is the finished result:  it's not what I'd consider my best work, but it was a lot of fun to get to this point : )
      Also, I finished off a project I started last year:  77029: Silverhorn, Unicorn painted up from purple.

    • By LittleBluberry
      So a while ago I painted Trista as a paladin with a warhammer I took from Halbarand the cleric. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/51436-trista-conversion-wip/?hl=trista

      It was my first conversion, and she's seen a lot of game time. Now that she's a 5th level paladin, I wanted to make a mounted version of her. Back during the Bones 2 Kickstarter there was a suggestion from multiple people to just take one of the mounted Bones, cut them off at the waist and glue the top half of the mini you wanted a mounted version of.  Since Sir Danel from Bones 2 had some <ahem> issues with his top half, I figured it was the perfect candidate. 
      There are a few challenges with this project that I can spot so far.  First off, Trista has a very narrow waist.  Her belt is also at a bit of an angle, which will complicate things.  At this point I think I might have to partially re-sculpt the belt to cover the seam where the surgery occurred. 
      I'm actually thinking I'll start from the bottom up and get the horse painted first.  I'd love a few opinions on what to do with the basing and whether or not the extra bit by the rear hoof needs to stay there for support.  Currently the base is bent and Sir Danel won't stand, so obviously I need to at the very least heat-treat the horse.  I've got a black plastic cavalry base, plus round bases in many sizes. I'm conflicted as to whether I want to make an epic looking base that fills most of a 2" area (for gaming purposes) or if I want to go with the cavalry base for a little stability and easier storage. I'd also like to up my basing game a bit, so all suggestions will be considered as long as they fit with a jungle locale.

      Since this is Bones, and for gaming, I'm not going to go crazy with a high quality display level paint job (which I probably couldn't pull off anyway) and I'll be aiming for higher tabletop quality. Saves my sanity.

    • By angelGPD
      Hi all!, cheers from Guatemala, i'm happy to introduce you Trista, the White Wolf, it was painted for a painting competition!, i will be happy with your comments and suggestions.

    • By Drifter
      I actually finished this a few weeks back, but things got hectic, and I never posted photos
      Anywho, Trista ended up being one of my favourite minis in my new collection, and I think one of the better painted too. Really pleased with her eyes

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