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VERY nice touch with the green.  You handled that contrast and the combined shadow work extremely well.

You even managed to down play that flaw in the face if it still exists.

Mine drove me nuts when I did it.

Beautiful and well painted piece.


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    • By Aquaknightus
      I have only painted a handful of figs before this one. With this figure I tried using a wash for the first time (on the armor). I am not sure how to go about putting him on a nice base like others have done. The figure already has the small base attached to his feet. Otherwise I am somewhat satisfied with the final result. It just seems lacking without a base. 

      This figure was painted to update my AD&D Paladin that I painted nearly 40 years ago when I was a lot younger hand had some Testors enamel paints and a lead figure of a Paladin. 

    • By Lorathorn
      Here is the paladin I had been working on. I could stand to do some touch up to him, but he looks good for a table ready mini. Now to get him on a base and figure out how I want to do it up!

    • By ub3r_n3rd
      Here it is! The final pictures for Team ub3r's Box of Goodwill group paint!
      You all did such a fantastic job on this figure, I was amazed when I saw it in the box!
      Figure: Sir Almaran the Gold, Paladin (Reaper SKU# 77058)
      Sculptor: Bobby Jackson
      Material: Bones Plastic
      Painted by:
      Doug Sundseth
      Aard Rinn
      Thes Hunter
      ub3r_nerd - Basing, used a Secret Weapon 40mm base.
      Without further ado!





    • By Auberon
      For Almaran I wanted to try something new and different (for me) so I decided to use him as an exercise in painting cold white armor (and like most of my bones exercises you'll find some mold lines).  I did a bit of cloth a while back, but nothing this extensive.  I can't decide if it still goes too far into the blue, but it works on the tabletop.  If anyone has any good tips or tricks feel free to share.   To keep it simple I went with purple for all the fabric and the lady on the shield.  To keep the purple cool I tried mixing in some white to make the highlights.  I like it one the shield, but probably should have spent more time on Almaran the Gold White himself.  The metals are pretty basic.  For the flame I decided to use some blue ink instead of paint.   While I was at it, I tried making a snow base as well.  I suspected the pumice would look too bumpy, but the modeling paste seems to work fine.     Here's a shot of the shield, which I had used as a test piece for the whole color scheme.  You might notice a bit of red on his cheek and a dead eye.  That's because the mold line morphed into an irregular crevice from his eye to his chin and I didn't feel like fixing it.  It became a scar instead.     Here's a better shot of the "scar" from my WIP.  The paint was just a bit of red, some flow improver, and just letting it find its own way into whatever.    
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