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Kostchtchie, Demon Prince of Wrath

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Lookin’ good! This fella was recently hinted at in a pathfinder adventure path I’ve been playing, so I’m waiting for him to show up. 

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1 hour ago, Metalchaos said:

Great work, I like the deepness in the skin shading and the white eye give him a wicked look.

Thanks! I’m glad you noticed that!!

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    • By joshuaslater
      These savages are on Kickstarter.  My first Kickstarter!  There are all kinds of add ons lurking in here too.  Thanks Reaper for providing this forum! 

    • By Guindyloo
      So this guy was a relatively quick paint job - I worked on him over a couple of nights in between other figures and while things were drying. 
      I had originally basecoated him a couple of months back when I decided that I was absolutely going to paint something using Breast Cancer Awareness Pink, as I have something like 8 bottles of it at this point. This was the figure that I pulled out of my Bones drawer. I’d basecoated him and then he made his way to the Shelf of Shame unfortunately. 
      I saw him sitting up there and decided I would just have fun with it. 
      The lemures do come 2 to the pack and are in 2 different poses, but this one is the only one I have painted thus far. 

      I hope y’all find him as fun as I do! 
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      So everything is packed for tomorrow...
      and I had nothing better to do....
      So I started a new project for when I get home....

      he is 14 parts of bad, and I am cleaning mold lines, and pinning stuff together...
      His torso is resin, everything else is metal...
      (so it aint crap...)
      mold lines are small, but pinning is being interesting.....
      Going to use, I think, a Secret Weapon 'Skull Field' style base....
      He's about 5" tall to the top of his head......
      Maybe semi assembled pics later....
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