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03906, Battleguard Golem Magus

Redd Knekk

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Thought this guy would be a fun, quick paint, but turned into a tedious, long pain. Definitely not my best work but was trying new things mainly with metallics and OSL. As I went along, there were some things I wanted to experiment with so I did that at the expense of details, smooth highlights, etc. 


Really only intended it to be seen from the front (first pic), but as soon as I took pictures a thousand things popped up I could do better.


Anyway, here you go, and if you would like to tell me how you’d do it with these color light sources, please do.




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On 12/9/2018 at 6:59 PM, Nightwing said:

I really like seeing people’s experimental stuff. It’s a good effort!  I think the colors on the flame should be opposite. Fires are usually hottest and brightest at the base, fading to reds and blacks at the tips. Just my $0.02. 


The more I look at this the more I agree with your statement. Making it hotter at the bottom gives the impression that the power is flowing directly from his hand. Selection (color mainly) is the thing I struggle with most, so good lesson learned.

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Awesome work, they are very original, and you did an amazing job with the various arrangement of color you selected. I think your osl turned out well. I'm even inspired the paint a similar effect on a plate armor. The blue and green add a very interesting complement to the ensemble. My favorite part is the osl on the staff, especially on the third picture. The energy seems to be blowing from inside the orb mounted on the staff.

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