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Miniature Paints -Liquid Acrylics from RPE


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We have teamed up with Gamecraft for the relaunch of the Miniature Paints range of liquid acrylic paints in our new, mail order friendly packaging. 
  These high quality, pigment rich paints are fully inter-mixable with the other major brands and at 30ml per pot contain around twice as much paint as some of the well known brands.
  Miniature Paints have been around for over 30 years, though originally formulated specifically for use on metal miniatures they work well on resin and plastic that has been properly cleaned and primed, and have been used by our customers on canvas, leather, glass and even fingernails. 

As this Kickstarter progresses I will share more pictures of the paint in use and being mixed with other ranges.  


We are trying to keep this Kickstarter as simple as possible so there are no add-ons to worry about, there are 3 paint set options, each one available without extras or with brushes and miniatures added. Just select the pledge that suits you, if you are new to the hobby of collecting and painting miniatures then a pledge with brushes and a sample set of our miniatures (for a special kickstarter price) would be ideal for you. If you are only interested in the paint then the PRO set gets you all 20 paints for the lowest price -just £1.60 per pot! 
Postage will be added at cost, it is charged based on weight using current Royal Mail prices. 

Basic Set - £17.50 Basic Set - £17.50

The Basic Set- 10 colours for £17.50 
White, Black, Bright Green, Royal Blue, Bright Red, Golden Yellow, 
Pale Flesh, Chocolate Brown, Bright Gold, Silver. 

This pledge is also available in an option with brushes and with both brushes and a sampler set of RPE miniatures.

Advanced Set - £25 Advanced Set - £25

The Advanced Set -15  colours for £25  
This adds 5 more colours to the basic set:
Dark Green, Mid Blue, Burgundy, Tanned Flesh and Leather Brown 

This pledge is also available in an option with brushes and with both brushes and a sampler set of RPE miniatures.

Pro Set -£32 Pro Set -£32

The Pro Set -20 colours for £32        Stretch Goals apply to this pledge.
This adds another 5 paints to the advanced set-
White Primer,  Matt Varnish, Dark Grey, Olive Green, Copper

The "I'll take the lot!", pledge is for anyone that hasn't backed one of our previous projects and wants to catch up in one go, it includes the top level pledge from this kickstarter plus a warband of 10 dwarves, a crew of 12 dwarf pirates, a set of 6 wizards and for a festive touch, Evil Santa, the Snow Queen and an evil present. One or two of the miniatures from those kickstarters are included here as part of the sampler set, so we will replace them with stretch goal add-ons from their respective kickstarters where applicable to avoid duplication. More information and pictures for this pledge will follow in future updates.

'I'll take the lot' pledge level miniatures 'I'll take the lot' pledge level miniatures
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Nice to see that they're introducing/reintroducing their paints. I've still got a few of their paints that I bought in the times before the oceans drank Atlantis, and they're still in a usable state. If this stuff is the same formula, I may have to get some.

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Huh. These are the paints that are essentially the late 80s Citadel paints, aren't they? If so, I'll definitely have to get the full set.


Those Citadels were hands down the best paints I ever had, and I only ever got a couple of storage room find bottles from my FLGs, about a decade old when I bought them. Now, another score years later, still good.

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Hmmm, with shipping it averages out to approximately $4 CAD per pot for the pro.  I'll have to think about it.  I'm always game for trying out new paints, but with my steadily growing collection of Reaper, Vallejo, Citadel (technically hubby's), Warcolours, and the desire to give Mission Models and P3 a whirl, the question does indeed become do I really need....  Still tempting though.

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On 12/11/2018 at 4:15 PM, SamuraiJack said:

I'm starting to get paint fatigue.. I'd much rather see some of these companies just license a paint line to an existing manufacturer so at least I would know quality before buying.. 

That's why Army Painter is the 'official' paint line for so many games - from Kings of War to Dungeons and Dragons.


They even have a link on their webpage for folks that want to license them.... (They are one of my three go to paint companies - along with Reaper and Vallejo.)


The Auld Grump

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