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"Being Schooled", BatRep Kinda...

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Hey SiMiCuS, if she brings one, demand to see her award certificate saying she can legally use it.


And why would you think otherwise???? :lol:

B/c at one time, all AO's got a free BL Dictator for using in fun games. But we shouldn't be able to use them in official games. :poke:

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"The Hard Way", what way would that be??? :rolleyes:

If I aquired one, and I paid my Hard earned cash, trust me... I would use it....


I dare someone to tell me not to use it... :rock:

My hard earned cash is enough to let me use it, if I bought one... :B):


That's right... I don't have one... But I'm still waiting and looking to spot one!!!

Sorry for spouting... Plus I don't do the big events yet... Not sure, if I ever will...

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Sure, I remember that BL Dictator I got as an AO, as well as most of the stuff as the AO kits, and points. Most of it was given away as prizes for our "events", both at home and whenever space was available at the Comic store. In fact, we still continue the practice as we evolve our TO&E, we give away lots of our older stuff to newer players.


My wife has won plenty of KTRs, and assisted in my demoing of the game, believe me, if she wants to use one, she's more than earned it several times over. I will admit to also closing out our points by buying a lot of stuff from the boneyard, but otherwise, thats where our BL points and AO kits went....


More importantly, The newer guys at the guild never saw one, and it would be sweet to show them, especially in combat. Let them judge for themselves the differences between the 70 and BL.

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-->SuMicus The Hard Way is beating several other players ::D:


Agreed if you were to buy one, you should be able to use it! I think the hard part of that plan is finding one for Sale...... :poke:


-->Kamut you want to let them see the difference? give each palyer their choice of a "BL" or a '70. Use a standard Dictator for the BL, and a '70 as advertized.


give each a point total. don't have any notes hand on the '70 for cost, but say about 1 upgrade (arm or pilot or wso) over Stock.

now give the same points to the BL players, and let them have at it.


I Think you will find that for the Same Points, the BL will be a SERIOUS contender even though it is 5 dt vs 6 dt (points being the level playing field) :poke:



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Most Excellent!!


But We won't be playing each other... Well, I plan on playing a "Round-Robin" schedule for myself...

Hit as many of the player in our League as Possible...


Silent John is the Man to go after!! He is top of the Pile in points...


As for me using a BL Dictator, I was told by Erion...

I was blowing smoke... and I was feeling kinda huffy, I'm calmed down now...

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Silent Jon seems like he's pretty consistant, might be a learning experience.





"I Screwed the Pooch" on my game with him...

I had the CAVs to tear him up, and I made a huge mistake... I split fire and let off of him, taking the heat off of him was a bad move… I gave him the game…

Being that it was a CAV on CAV Game... Almost every Weapon my CAVs had was to Kill Hard Targets...


I shocked Erion and Bruticus, by losing that one...

"Leave it to Old SuM though..."

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Dude, you bash yourself a bit, ease up. You played very well in our game, and have no reason to complain. mind you, we've been playing a little over a year, and some large games at that. Don't ever rule out the JoR1 Dictator, cause when you do, she normally puts fire to that ***.


If you ever, ever, ever, ever split fire, its probably better with something like a Sabretooth against infantry at range. Those guns are pretty effective. Smoker Pumas are nice against multiple infantry, cause the high damage usually means at least 2 points, most infantry never survive a +8 with +4 TL. the danger being of course, now both stands can return fire. (Keep a good pilot in that seat.)


or like cleanup when you have a Gladiator or Falcon, and two busted up CAVs as your enemy, catch them at range to finish them off, assuming you can negate their return fire, if not, again, make sure your armor, and pilot is nice. hopefully they'll only shave you a point.

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I remember learning the "Split Fire" lesson :blink: YEOUCH! :down:


Never Let up. Surrentder only if necessary :poke:


Just because a Unit made a debut in the Rule book, doesn't mean it still won't hold it's own! I happen to like Dictators, and Glads.

Of course new is good too, and I like Falcons and Sabertooths ::D:


Game on :ph34r:


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