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Like the title says, we have a special announcement on the Thursday, December 13th episode of Reaper Live. If you can't watch it, then make sure to check out the front page tonight at 6:30 pm CST! 


Don't miss it!

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Johan Rumbleguts! This Special Edition miniature was crafted to help out our dear friend Jason Wiebe, who has recently undergone several major surgeries. 100% of all the monies collected from this miniature will go directly to Jason to help him with his medical bills.


There will only be 1000 metal castings of this miniature ever sold. All the production molds will be sent to Jason Wiebe after all 1000 castings have been produced. Next week we will put up a very limited amount of resin castings as well. Please join us in helping out our friend Jason Wiebe!


We'd like to thank Bobby Jackson for the sculpting, David Baker, Paul Figgins and the fine folks at Trenchworx for printing the model and for the resin casting, and Ben and Jeff Rodman of Fortress Figures for making the metal masters for our production molds.


Johan Rumbleguts!

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Awesome gesture!! I will be adding one to my order on the 17th!


EDIT: Just order now!!

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