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Pirate Games (No Megans)

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Well, running my pirates game for the kids, with explicit instructions not to share the info with Megan.... So, might as well have a place where I can leak a bit without spoiling it for her.


This one starts with the PCs in prison - their equipment locked away - with characters that have ranks in Stealth or Sleight of Hand being able to hide one small item - with heavy hints that, hey! Lockpicks are small.... Folks with ranks in both skills will have a chance to hide two items - but will need to roll for the second one.


Nothing bigger than a dagger or a potion if they bought them.


Any consumables in their equipment will be gone - stolen by the guards, as well as any coins.


They will, potentially, be aided in their escape by a juju zombie Oracle. Abrasive, acerbic, and short tempered - he needs to get out. His master is calling him. (Both he and his master will be making later appearances.) The PCs may or may not figure out that he is not exactly alive....


The Auld Grump

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1 hour ago, TheAuldGrump said:

This one starts with the PCs in prison - their equipment locked away

Started the High School game group with that scenario, on a prison island called "Oblivion".  I even did a "Mad Lib" sort of thing for them:

1. Crime you were arrested for, in 1-3 words.

2. Roll d100+10

3. Roll d6

4. Roll d6 (1-2 trial, 3-5 sentencing, 6 execution)

5. Roll 2d100

6. Roll 2d20

7. Roll d6 (1-2 mines, 3-4 lumberyard, 5-6 fields)

8. Roll d4+12

I had them do those, and write them down an index card, then gave them each the following text: 



Like most prisoners in the Empire, you were sent to Oblivion within a few days of your arrest to await your trial. After your arrest for (1)______________________, your belongings were locked in a trunk, an anti-magic collar placed around your neck, and then you were marched blindfolded onto an airship, to journey here. Upon arrival, you were assigned to cell block 1138, a dim collection of rough hewn stones underground somewhere, and magic infused iron bars, awaiting further disposition of your case.   You have been here for (2)_____ days already.

(3)_____ days ago, you were told that your (4)___________________ has been scheduled for (5)______ days from now.  You were also told that in (6)_____ days, you will be assigned to hard labor in the (7)_______________________, where you will work (8)______ hours a day. Maybe sooner if someone dies, and a cell opens up there.

In their prison break, they had outside help - an mercenary guard was bribed to spring them from prison by smuggling in a couple of rust monsters to create havoc and destroy the cell doors.  The guard died in the ensuing havoc, but they managed to fight their way to the waiting ship to take them to their mystery benefactor.  After the ship escaped, they found out that only one of them was supposed to be sprung, but no on on the ship knew who it was. 

They're just starting to figure out that their mysterious benefactor didn't care who was sprung, he was really looking for some patsies to set up to take a fall. 

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In this case they were arrested in connection with a crime that their former captain didn't commit - but was executed for.


Because the crime he was really connected with - smuggling - also had ties with someone on the privy council, that decided to... cut those ties.


They are the officers - both petty and ranked - of the smuggling vessel. A lean, fast sloop.


There are two ways out: the easy to find hard way - fighting the guards each inch of the way - or the hard to find easy way - through a dungeon.


The undead oracle knows about the secret passage.


Either way - they will end up with bounty hunters on their trail.


The oracle is also willing to barter with them to get them passage to Freeport - if they are willing to leave, and cloud his own trail in the process.


Encounters in the dungeon include rats, wererats, undead, and derro Lantern Folk. These last do not much like the oracle - they have had dealings with both him and his master in the past - they, likewise, can offer a way out of town.


The Auld Grump

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54 minutes ago, TheAuldGrump said:

or the hard to find easy way - through a dungeon

Dang, I wish I had thought of that. 

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22 hours ago, kristof65 said:

Dang, I wish I had thought of that. 

I pretty much stole it from Oblivion.... (I still love the opening of that game 'Do you think that prisoner has followed us? 'I know he has...') *EDIT* Patrick Stewart didn't have a lot of lines in the game, but they got some good mileage out of it. ::):


The Auld Grump

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