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Finished off my British fleet!


Minis - Leviathans - British Fleet (1).jpg

Two battleships of Home Fleet's Channel Squadron, escorted by a cruiser and three destroyers.


Minis - Leviathans - Leviathan-class (1).jpg

Minis - Leviathans - Leviathan-class (2).jpg

Leviathan-class battleships HML Leviathan and HML Medusa. Yes, that means the first leviathan is the Leviathan-class Her Majesty's Leviathan Leviathan, from the game Leviathans. No regrets.


Minis - Leviathans - County-class (3).jpg

The County-class light cruiser HML Essex.


Minis - Leviathans - D-class.jpg

The D-class destroyers HML Crow, HML Raven, and HML Beagle.

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We have more hope now, with a Kickstarter being announced for next year. We also have...more ships!



This heavy squadron stands ready to defend the Republic's sovereignty over the so-called 'English' Channel.



The Grenouille-class destroyers MontcalmPelletier, and Monpellier.



The Liberté-class cruiser Lave.



The Paris-class battleships Paris and Jean Bart.

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