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SPACEFUTURE: 62107, Numenera Aeon Priest; converted Gith Monk; Imperials Group Shot


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If anyone looks qualified to declaim the Litany of ZAREK into an Omnicrophone from atop a golden hover-chariot, it is surely 62107, the Aeon Priest from Reaper's Numenera line. Look at this robed and jowled hierophant!
I feel like I should put more patterning on the robe, besides the Eye of Marduk. Any suggestions? 

There was also a Githzerai Monk I got in a grab-bag some years back and never used. A quick repaint and a pair of chainmail rings later, and hey presto! an Imperial assassin. DSCN5012.thumb.JPG.1581b8e68d14c65d6d49876bf06ca96b.JPGDSCN5013.thumb.JPG.523f926d9d2a39a0d1562a7754d9e823.JPG


And here's the landing party in total. If they need to conquer a *second* planet in the same day, they might ask for backup. 


(A lot of alien worlds look like the southern California Desert; this is well-known.)

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5 hours ago, Iridil said:

I'll say it again - you have a way of finding the perfect figures and really creative color schemes that work for you themes! Always a pleasure to see - and you're so prolific!

Thank you! It's an addiction, but a fun one. :poke: These guys are meant to evoke two parts sword-and-planet paperback covers, one part Assyrian and other Ancient Near East cultures, and one part En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse. 

And I'd been painting for a while before joining the forums, so much of my output is more the illusion of productivity...but these ones I did turn out in about a week 's time from getting them to posting! They are all painter-friendly sculpts; none of the Pathfindery buckle-and-strap overload. 

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