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Galladoria Game's 2018 Christmas Mimic

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Much trial-and-error ::P: including using Primacolor brush-tip pens for control when painting the straight lines on the gift wrapping.


Some paints by INSTAR paints. I highly recommend their light-blue frost, IV-05, for pastel blue and ice and frost effects. I used it as an undercoat for the snow. INSTAR paints also has metallic red, blue, green, etc. which I found useful to paint the ribbons and gift wrapping. INSTAR paint's Dust Brown is a good light brown, and their Mud Brown excellent for wood and mud. I also used Secret Weapon Miniature's brown Sewer Water for the mimic, although their brown Dark Sepia and Baby Poop (!) would also work.


For the snow, I used Michael's store-brand coarse texture gel, followed by Army Painter's snow basing material. From The Warp has a good snow basing tutorial, written by Mr. Justin from Secret Weapon Miniatures. I particularly appreciated how the tutorial discusses different types of snow, including slush.









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