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77364: Angel of Shadows

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I think your pink/purple OSL on the wing is sublime. Maybe a bit much on the cloak around the level of her leg (below the lantern), but overall beautiful work. The moonlight on the backs of the wings are really great, and I like your last picture the best :)

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On 12/18/2018 at 3:13 AM, Iridil said:

Really beautiful - the effect works very well, and I like the idea for the purple OSL! She looks perfect against your backdrops - especially the second one.

Thank you! Like I said, I pictured her flying over the city collecting wishes/prayers or maybe spreading dreams. The Victorian style of her dress just begged for an old London type of backdrop.



On 12/18/2018 at 5:05 PM, Redd Knekk said:

I think your pink/purple OSL on the wing is sublime. Maybe a bit much on the cloak around the level of her leg (below the lantern), but overall beautiful work. The moonlight on the backs of the wings are really great, and I like your last picture the best :)

Thank you! Yes, I agree that I overdid it a bit much on the skirt but it was so much fun! It is hard to not keep going!



On 12/19/2018 at 9:03 AM, Rigel said:

That hydrogen pink is glorious. She must have something to do with dreams, or maybe she's an emissary of V.A.L.I.S. Gorgeous backdrops, too! 

Thank you! I can't take credit for the backgrounds. I googled to find pictures that I thought would work for what I had planned.


Thank you, everyone, for your nice comments! She was fun to work on.

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    • By lazarp
      I liked this sculpt, was a super fun paintjob :)
      (click on images for better quality)

    • By stormbreach
      Hi guys.  Here is my painted Bones Succubus.  Parts of her are a hot mess but I am so happy with her!!  I pushed through sone issues I was having and there are so many spots I learned on her.  For starters she has the first makeup I ever put on a mini.  She has eyeshadow, blush, lipstick complete with little white light dot on her lower lip for fun and a beauty mark!  I started with slightly less pronounced makeup but then she's a succubus, she would have exaggerated makeup I think.  The unfortunate thing about her is her right cheek has quite an indent and then a mold line a little past that.  I disguised the mold line by giving her a "lady sideburn" to match the one sculpted on the other side but there's nothing I can do about the indent.  Then her wings, for the first time I was able to get more of a variation in the colouring which I tried with my bat demon and ended up covering because I didn't like it.  Her dress could have used a bit more but I was done and I'm still working on the layering/highlighting in general.  One thing that still bothers me is the rough look of my paint jobs when I'm done.  I paint with a wet palette so thinning isn't an issue I don't think and don't put coats on top of drying paints so that's not causing it.  Hope everyone likes her as much as I do.  I even have a second copy of her to do later in my painting journey.

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      "Umm... Guys, I think I've found our missing team members."
      Presenting the Cleric, part of the second Echoes of Death set from Kingdom Death, not sure why she has such a gruesome base insert, none of the others came with one.
      Disappointingly, she looks pretty terrible in the piccys. Honestly, apart from her decidedly wonky eyes, I thought I'd done a fairly good job.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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      After several iterations of painting and base, I'm finally happy with my Griffon and I'm calling it finished! 

      The mini ended up looking a bit cartoony 
      I did go for something else initially, but it seemed too plain for a griffon, so I was happy to exchange realism for 'striking'. More on PSA.
      And I just finished redoing the base -- thanks for support on the WIP board. 
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      This was my entry in the Reaper Facebook Quarterly Painting Contest. I wanted her to look like she is living in a magical cavern. I had a whole vision for how I wanted her base and I mostly pulled it off. She turned out pretty much how I envisioned her. It took way more work than I anticipated but I learned a whole lot about making scenic bases! I ended up buying a router and having my husband help me create the cave in the side of the plinth.
      She sits on the base so I can still grab her and put her on the table for D&D if I want to. My only issue with her is that she is difficult to photograph! I don't have a good picture of the back.








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