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Yet another Yeti! - Yeti Chieftain 77434

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Very realistic interpretation.

Adding the skull really takes it in a different direction.  I can totally see him on stage.  “I’ve been the lead in three consecutive years of Summer Stock,” in his best beastial thespian voice.


Well done!

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It's such a fun concept and it tells a story that can be as simple or complex as you like. I like to imagine him getting made fun of by the other Sasquatches for wanting to be an actor because the humans would never accept him. So he set off on a journey to prove them all wrong.... but the first person who didn't run away from him and believed in his ability to become an actor - whoops, popped his head right off! Who knew humans were so fragile? So he just keeps rehearsing and trying to find another human to believe in him....he just doesn't understand that as if being approached by a Sasquatch isn't intimidating enough, people are really quite turned off by the rotting head of his "friend" that he carries around with him to practice his lines with... ::P:


I really like the natural colours you used for his fur and you transitioned them really nicely so they're not stark at all, which really adds to the realistic look. It was a really great choice to use a skull that wasn't just a plain skull, but had detail to it that provides extra visual interest to make the viewer really look closer at it. Really nice job!

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    • By Metalchaos
      Good day everyone, I've been busy working recently but I managed to paint a little. Here are pictures of the 77434, Yeti Chieftain sculpted by Jason Wiebe and 80072, Antarctic Explorer sculpted by James Van Schaik that I painted for LadyStorm's Winter Contest. Click this link for more picture of W. Smith the Antarctic Explorer.









      Fooling around during the photo session, Yeti throwing snow balls.

      Yeti making angels in the snow.

      Yeti singning opera in W. Smith ears.

      I've used transparent plastic blisters to create the piece of ice in which the Yeti is trapped.
      The synthetic snow is Army Painter Battlefields BF4103 snow.


    • By TheOldGuard
      Hi All,
      Presenting my new WIP - Cadirith, Demonic Colossal Spider!
      I haven't decided on a colour scheme or anything yet but I've been Googling images of tarantulas, arachnids & insects for inspiration. Anyway, this leggy beast should look something like this after assembly:

      On this model, there is a large void underneath the abdomen & I was unsure whether to fill it in or not. I decided to go ahead & do it as it looks a bit weird from the sides otherwise, also It should help to give it a bit of weight or balance.
      I started by filling the majority of the hole with green stuff:

      After drying, I mixed up some Millliput (which I much prefer to sculpt in) & then applied & sculpted the outer case of the abdomen in 3 sections:



      Finally, after an hour or so of drying time I sculpted in a basic hair texture by dragging lines in the putty with a pointy tool using the surrounding areas as a reference guide:

      I'm generally not super confident with sculpting but I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.
      Anyway that's it for now, back soon with some actual painty stuff!
    • By mustardgreens
      These are some pictures of a Yeti/sasquatch/bigfoot/abonimable snowman that I painted for SamuraiJack in the 2015 Secret Sophie Winter Exchange.  I'm very proud of how he turned out.  And, though you can't see it, both his eyes are looking in the same direction (!) which absolutely thrilled me.
      Looking at it now, I could have pushed the contrast on the fur even further, but I was happy with how he looked and decided that he was a perfectly recognizable sasquatch.  So there he is!  Hope you like the paint.


    • By Lidless Eye
      Trying to expand the bestiary for "Frostgrave".  The Frost Trolls (Yetis) are former Shaggy Man from HeroClix, the apes are also former clix, and the Frost Giant is a Pathfinder Frost Giant converted to a heavy infantry type...not specifically for Frostgrave but fit the theme.

      First paints are applied, and Lars the Linkboy is there for scale.
    • By Teskal
      How tall are Reaper Sasquatchs/Yetis compared to ogres?
      How do Reaper Yetis all fit together in size?
      And compared to an ogre/ettin (Kagung, Nor'okk, Lardgulp, Talanka or an GW ogre?).
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