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Kev!'s 89040: Aglanda, Herald Of Razmir - InMiPaMo d11


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    • By Grand Slam
      She's a cool little sculpt from one of those bulk enemies lots on Amazon (works great as a PC/NPC as well). This was a pretty quick paint job. My main goal was to try out some different color schemes (I was falling into a rut). I'm not sure where the idea for the toothpaste-green dress came from, but I think it works. 
      This particular mini recently got to come to life in one of my homebrew D&D campaigns as a homemade NPC - Alcinia, the haughty quest-giving wizard living in Neverwinter.
      As always, I'd be interested in any thoughts/criticism on the model.

    • By Rigel
      I've been working on a Call of Cthulhu variant set in the mid-1600s, All Of Them VVitches. This provides lots of opportunity for cults and cultists! We've seen some of them hitherto. Here are a couple more votaries of the PIPER IN THE WOODS--Reaper's Dark Creeper (02886) with a Gw Skullz mask added, and 02165, Gromtar the Foul. 
      Here's Gromtar. I get a very 'Lovecraft ghoul/ Clark Ashton Smith Mordiggan cultist' vibe off the sculpt.


      Our Dark Creeper: 


      More angles:
      They've come out to meet with their colleagues, similarly robed and with horned masks. 



      But what is this they have called down? Behold! the PIPER IN THE WOODS approaches!



      Quis est iste qui venit?!
    • By Cranky Dog
      I barely received my last campaign pledge from Midlam that already it has something that caught my interest.
      Sisters of the Kraken Cult. The female counterparts of the previous "Onslaught of the Cult of the Kraken Lord" and "Cultists of the Kraken Lord". (I now have some regret of not getting it)

      What's also interesting is the optional add-on of fish folk.

      Brinewind is going to have some interesting neighbors.
    • By Iridil
      More from May - the cultist pair 77518. I also added in my other recently painted pair (77351) with cirlce and I think they make a nice grouping. 

    • By Rigel
      Robes? Check. Horned skull mask? Check. Air of furtive evil? Check! Dulkathar here is a perfect fit for the cult of the Piper in the Woods, last seen HERE. 

      The word "skulking" was made for this character, He'd be a great Wizard Whately stand-in for Call of Cthulhu, too. Even more tattered than his co-conspirator and co-religionist.

      Together, what mightn't they call up? or Whom?

      And with such an ally, what vengeance might they not visit upon the settlements nearby? Are there any punishments those Puritans don't deserve, and that full well? 

      Guest appearance by a nearly-finished Tree of Despair, of which more later.
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