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Army Painter Quick Shade question

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I've only used Army Painter strong tone - their medium tone, I believe - to paint my Zombicide: Black Plague minis and loved how they came out.  I automatically dismissed the possibility of using it on my other minis, but now understand that's what it's for.  Anybody have any experience with using it on other monster or hero figures?  Were you satisfied with the results?  Did you use a version other than the strong tone?  I note their website lists recommendations for different colors where each tone excels, etc.  I'd love to hear of others' experiences with using it on non-zombie figures.

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I have several of their washes.  I use Strong most of the time. It is a nice brown and I find it works well on most areas of the figure. Great over faces and hands when thinned slightly. Dark Tone is more black, I use it to glaze over really dark areas.  Soft Tone is pretty soft IMO. It is very subtle and I rarely use it. 


I find the Blue to be too dark, have to thin it or it just turns everything blue.  The Green can be on the dark side too, but it is good for putting green shadow or glaze down.   The Red is a bit too pink. I like to put red ink over yellow paint for a nice orange, but the Army Painter doesn't work well for that.  


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I have the set of 7 different shades from them. I don' use the bright colours all that often other than green as a shade for my goblin's skin. I use the dark, strong and soft tones quite a bit. My thoughts match Inarah's pretty close. Use dark tone on things that I want more of a black shade and strong tone where I want more of a brown. Soft tone is subtle and I use it for shading pale skin or whites and beige/bone if I'm looking for a bit of a brown tint. I really like them for when I'm doing tabletop quality minis. They give me the type of shading I want easier and more consistently than some other inks and washes I've bought.

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Well Army Painter makes both Quick Shade that comes in tin cans and washes that come in dropper bottles.  I like the Quick Shade (I actually use the original Minwax Polyshades) but it's a paint to clean up afterwards.

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If you can only get one more bottle, try the black Dark Tone. I use it on heroes and any other figure that a brown wash would look to "dirty" on.


Mix brown Strong Tone with orange Rust Effect and red Glistening Blood for some quick and dirty rusty blood on an orc blade.


Wash metallics and brown terrain (eg. wood) for quick shade effects.


I pretty much use the stuff on *every* figure, at least as an ink-wash on a (zenithal) primed figure.






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I use most of their tones at some point on my minis.  I like the Soft Tone for shading faces and hands, Strong Tone for leather and wood effects, Dark Tone over greys or in hard to reach areas that need some definition.  The blue and green ones I use for dragon scales or on clothes.

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