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Nolzur's / WizKids Aasimar Fighter & Paladin; 77161, Bones Ghost King

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The last ornament! This one a little more ambitious; a vignette showing perhaps an aspect of the Winter Solstice. The spirit of cold and death being checked. The days are getting longer again now. 


Here's the Ghost King, in shades of Ice Blue, Toxic Mist, Dark Sky, and Oozing Purple (w/Ushabti Bone).

And our heavenly host!
DSCN5119.thumb.JPG.2f9591ed1f3457841e4076b0eba243fd.JPG DSCN5120.thumb.JPG.ed9dd1be9670fa1313582b9a7322722f.JPG DSCN5123.thumb.JPG.998e4454a949eacfc81243cc182f61d5.JPG DSCN5122.thumb.JPG.ffc5e4a1d936e93e49883443a6ca4044.JPG

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Looks great, and I like the explanation. The solstice was yesterday and that has more than a few thousand years of significance to humans. Beautiful paint job and ensemble. I’m hoping I can churn one out next year.

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