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06039 Lizardmen with Spears

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I started painting these in 2007!  I had received two sets on clearance from a gaming website.

I picked them up again briefly in 2011.

I had just purchased a bunch of Vallejo Game Colors.

I recently picked them up again to get them off the shelf of shame that they seemed to be permanent fixtures of.

Sadly, the VGC Paints were not able to salvage.  One of them was more done than the others, so he looks a little different.

The front right of the first picture.

I finished them off quickly with Reaper paints.


This was the first time I primed minis white, then built up layers of very thinned basecoats.

It made these guys much brighter.


Sorry some of the pics are out of focus.


I am thinking to do the next set more black/red or more of a realistic lizard scheme.













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Man these would be so awesome during DnD night. I love the bright colors, and your artistry is always top notch. Beautiful to look at and it’s gotta feel good to fill in the shelf of shame :)


Merry Christmas!

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They look wonderful.


As for realistic?

Don't underestimate Nature my friend.

These look realistic if you look at the right kind of lizards.





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37 minutes ago, Metalchaos said:

I like these a lot too. What catched my eyes, is their bracelets.

Thanks.  The silver one was my first ever nmm attempt all those years ago.  When I finished off the other three I had more experience with the technique.  I like the copper and gold better.

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