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So finally, after many years of wanting one, I got a 3D printer for Christmas this year. This has much to do with the ever decreasing cost of them, especially the Creality Ender 3, which is what I got.

This isn't so much about set up or using the printer (other than to say that Tom from Fat Dragon Games and his Tomb of 3D Printed Horrors made the whole process so so easy, his instructional videos on the Ender 3 made it all easy, and his Cura setup files for printing minis worked for me straight away) but the minis stuff I'm printing and (hopefully) painting.

So, got the printer set up yesterday before going to a friend's for supper.  Later got the bed leveled (ish) and printed off one of the free models Fat Dragon gave away this year with their newsletter.


I used the stock print bed cover for this and it really stuck on quite hard.  I later snapped the head off the halberd trying to get it off.  Eventually had to heat  the bed up to get it to come off.

So this morning I switched the the glass bed I'd ordered with it and got that all leveled.  Tested it out with another FDG skelly.


Nova Corps colour scheme test guy included for scale (he was the only thing within easy reach).

I'm looking forward to cleaning these up, slapping some primer on them and seeing how they paint, but expect that will be a few days.


FYI, these skellies print out in a little over an hour.


Now on to something a bit more complicated, to see how it comes out.



This should make a 65mm talk bipedal "chicken tank". Design by Radek Szczepanczyk, available on MyMiniFactory for free.

This will take about 8 hours to print.


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Thanks for posting!


I'm definitely interested in a 3D printer, so appreciate your personal experiences with it. I'd like to see what you end up thinking about using a 3D printer, including uses outside of miniatures!


The first use of a new technology is to substitute for an existing one.

The first mistake of a new technology is to substitute for an existing one.

-- C's first and second rules of technology adaptation

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Does the Ender have a glass bed? If so if you let it cool to room temp the finished minis just slide off (at least they do on my Anycubic). 


And those skeletons look great for first minis. And I agree that Tom with Fat Dragon is putting out some really useful videos for operating a 3 D printer. 


And welcome to a new aspect of our hobbies madness. ::D:

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Standard it doesn't have a glass bed, but I ordered one when I got mine, which I'm using now.

Print just finished so I'll see how they come off in a bit.  Print looks pretty nice though.


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Started some assembly on the Chicken Tank tonight.


All the parts laid out.

So observations.

Detail on these is pretty good.

Gluing mirrored parts with just a flat surface between them is a bit annoying.  I understand why they do them like that, the flat bed makes flush surfaces easy and avoids having to use supports or anything, but getting them perfectly aligned is trickier.

The bottom layer can bulge a bit, so you have to watch for that.

The plastic I have files pretty easy.

If you screw something up, just go print another copy!


I got to here:


At the top you can see the original prints of the "tail" pieces.  I didn't realize the lefts and rights weren't identical until after I glued them on, and of course I glued the wrong ones together.

20 minutes later, new ones were printed.

After these are good and set, I need to do some filing, find a base and figure out how I want the legs.


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Had no time to work on the Chicken Tank today, but that didn't mean the printer was idle.

Found a battletech scale (6mm) Airfoil Tower on Thingiverse, so tried printing out the base portion of it to see how it looked with CAVs.


Wasn't bad but looks a little small compared to the Dictator. Looks much more in scale with the Robotech fig, which is 6mm.


So I scaled it up to 10mm scale.  This unfortunately meant it took 6 and a half hours to print instead of 2 and a bit. But I like the size of the scaled up version more.



The first section of the airfoil part should complete shortly. And might get the next section printed tomorrow (I don't like leaving the printer completely unattended).

The last section will be over 4 hours so will likely have to wait for next year ^_^

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Got the 2 larger sections of the airfoil printed.  There is a smaller (30mm tall) section that goes between them.


Time to go out for New Years Eve festivities, so that will get printed tomorrow.


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You are really tempting me to get one of those printers! How much of a spool does a big building like that take?

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6 hours ago, Corsair said:

You are really tempting me to get one of those printers! How much of a spool does a big building like that take?

According to Cura, the slicer software I'm using, scaled to 10mm, it will take 169 grams of plastic to print the whole thing in 4 pieces (they are pretty much full of air, with just some infill for support). As a standard spool is 1 kg that's 16.9% of a spool, so around $5 CDN in plastic.

BTW, he provided an all as one piece file as well.  Printing it would only take 151g. But I'm not comfortable with doing a 13+ hour print.



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Last piece printed.


If you wanted an even taller tower you could print more copies of the middle part and just keep on stacking.

I'm going to print some more links for the cable chains I should be installing one my printer next.

Then maybe start on another building. Ordered 2 more spools of plastic yesterday. I do have a 4' x 6' city boart to eventually fill....

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That is impressive! You are not helping convince myself to wait a while longer......

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I agree, it's rather hard to not bump a 3D printer up much higher in the desired list with all these goodies.. 

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How did you come to the decision for getting the Ender?  I've been eyeing that model myself, but have become a bit apprehensive.  Something of analysis paralysis.

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    • By Maledrakh
      The Skyless Realms was a kickstarter for some .stl-files that funded recently and delivered just a couple weeks ago. The theme was buildings, scatter terrain and miniatures of several kinds that would typically found in the Underdark setting for D&D. Centered around spider-worshipping Dark Elves, there are a bunch of classic cave and dungeon monsters, Deep Gnomes, Gray Dwarves, lizardfolk and the obligatory tentacle-faced horrors that want to suck out your brains. A whole lot of stuff!
      Now, I have a two year old cheapo flashforge finder FDM-printer that only uses PLA material. It is great for terrain and buildings, but not so great for miniatures because of the unsightly print lines and such.

      However... the print lines are really not all that bad, especially when seen on the table and not in extreme close-up as in the photos.
      And I even printed these at the "normal" settings which have a .18mm layer height  and not the "hyper" settings which has a .08mm layer height.
      Each of the smaller myconids took less than an hour to print, and the Behemoth about four hours in a single piece.
      Lots of pictures below the click me
    • By haldir
      Figure with me getting my printer back up & running I'd start my own thread in regards to this hobby. (Thank you @Jasper_the_2nd @Clearman for time in regards to your topics!!)
      So last week I had what was referred to in the 3d printing field as a "Glob of Death" or something along those lines. I ended up a solid blob of filament that engulfed my entire nozzle, the heatsink & everything but the fans. I think if I wasn't still new to the entire hobby I could have just heated up the blob & let gravity take over. To be safe I ordered a complete new hot end, which is the entire black box that is positioned on the middle bar you see if look at pictures of the Creality Ender 3, ie the business end of your printer.
      Bottom (where the nozzle should be. You see a nozzle?? Ha ha)
      Back (It's not a nice texture at least!)
      Front (again the bits on the tile are cut off parts of the shroud that is usually over all of this. It's on the right side of the hotend in this picture.)
      & these are what was behind the shroud. I finally got my screw off today. I was all set to cut a slot into the hex screw as it wouldn't turn with with the factory supplied hex wrench but as I was wrenching the shroud off I noticed it was actually turning the screw! I ended up cutting off the shroud (what you see on the tile in one of the pics) & then it was a matter of getting a set of pliers around the screw to give it a few starter turns. I ended up using my thumb & finger to get it fully out. Oh well, I have some new Dremel EZ lock mandrel & reinforced cutting disks!! 
      Currently I'm in the process of trying to get the hot glue off the control board. Creality decided to glue down the connectors to the board....ugh why? I do need to figure out what wire goes where but I've got diagrams. I'm more worried about the heater wires (the larger red ones). I'm not sure if they have to go to the right connector or not. Once I get the glue off, I should be able to swap the wires out & re-hook everything back up!
    • By kristof65
        This project aims to expand the Ulvheim ruin into a full featured ruin city for your home 3D printer. You can already download the first two releases from thingiverse for free. There is also an earlier release with smaller houses, also available for free. Click the image to see them.
      Previous Ulvheim releases The pledge rewards are STL-file downloads. I will share the files with Dropbox and the download will be available for years. If you have access to a 3D printer you can print as many copies of the models as you like. You can also vary the scale for more variety. Any type of 3D printer works but FDM is the most economical. Most models will fit inside a 120x120mm print bed. Printed parts can then be painted.
      The separate pieces fit together using a clip, also printed. This way you can build several different configurations with the same printed parts. You can of course glue it together if you need extra stability.
      Clip system I have been making 3D printable terrain since 2016. I have done one kickstarter before. All files from that kickstarter are available in my store. But read on to the pledges before you buy anything there. I also have a Patreon page and all models done for that is released for free on thingiverse. This includes the previous three Ulvheim releases.
      As base goal, I will create these expansions that are compatible with earlier Ulvheim ruins (type B).
      Base goal 1 - Roof set
      This set gives you the ability to create roofs on your buildings. Not everything has to be ruined. You can with these models build complete buildings, from the smallest shed to the largest castle. The roofs will build up like stairs. There will of course be options for half ruined roofs.
      The roofs will be made to fit the Ulvheim A buildings. This is the smaller complete buildings.
      The images below is only very rough sketches showing what is possible. The base goal does not include roofs for L-shaped or T-shaped building. Nor is it possible to put roofs on the hexagonal tower etc.
      Whole modular roofs Modular roof ruin Base goal 2 - More wall variations
      Nothing beats variation and more options. Two new basic walls with lots of ruined options. One solid style and one arc style. Below are some sketches of possible layouts. The final layout is not decided yet.
      Solid wall sketches Arc walls sketches Base goal 3 - Corners for round towers
      Three new types of corners. With these you can build hexagonal, octagonal and decagonal towers (6, 8 and 10 sides). You will be able to build really high towers. There will be ruined options.
      The base goals does not include floors or roofs for these.
      Hexagonal and octagonal towers Base goal 4 - Horizontal ruins
      The solid walls are made into ruins where the cuts go more horizontal. So you can build a long jagged ruin wall. There will be a couple of variants, from the available solid walls. there will be transitions from whole walls.
      3 solid walls made into horizontal ruins These are the pledge levels.
      Ulvheim supporter
      If you just want to cheer me on. I will send you a bunch (5) of Terrain4Print stickers. I will also create a unique sticker for this kickstarter and send you a bunch (5).
      Ulvheim worker
      If you are on a limited budget and only want a limited selection, this is for you. You will get the base goals and about one third of the unlocked stretch goals. These are STL-file downloads.
      Ulvheim settler
      This is the complete Ulvheim download at a reduces price for the first backers. You will get the base goals plus all unlocked stretch goals. These are STL-file downloads.
      There is a limited number of these so be quick.
      As a special thank you I will also send you a bunch of stickers.
      Ulvheim burgher
      This is the complete Ulvheim download. You will get the base goals plus all unlocked stretch goals. These are STL-file downloads.
      Ulvheim necromancer
      This the complete Ulvheim download plus all my old premium files (from the shop). You will get the base goals plus all unlocked stretch goals. As soon as the kickstarter payments are processed you will get a download link the the premium files. These are STL-file downloads.
      Ulvheim architect
      If you want me to create something custom from your specification, this is for you. Together we will work out the details. It can't be something huge or overly complicated but expect a handful of models. For instance, wall tiles with a special symbols. A couple of special statues or gargoyles.
      The files must match the general Ulvheim theme.
      I prefer to make these models available to Settlers, Burghers and Necromancers too. But if it is something special you want exclusively, it can be arranged.
      If you take this pledge, contact me and describe what you have in mind. This way we can agree on a reasonable level.
      As a special thank you I will also send you a bunch of stickers.
      Add on: Stickers
      I will create a unique set of stickers for Ulvheim. Supporters, Settlers and Architects will get them for free.
      Workers, Burghers and Necromancers have to add $10 to have them. Simply add $10 to your pledge. I will sort it out manually after the project is done. You will get 5 Terrain4Print stickers and 5 Ulvheim kickstarter stickers.
      There are lots of more stuff to make for this. This project will have stretch goals. The more pledges that come in, the more stuff will be made. The first three stretch goals are decided already. When they are unlocked, there will be more made available if there is enough interest.
      Since I reside in Sweden and use SEK (Swedish crowns) I present stretch goal as % instead.
      Stetch goal 1 - Battlements 133% (20k SEK)
      If you want to make a castle type building, playing siege scenarios. This will make it possible. It is basically a low wall with a strip of floor and battlement fitting around both convex and concave corners. The sketch below shows a corner piece for a convex corner. There will of course also be ruined battlements.
      Stairs made will fit against the battlements.
      Battlement sketch Stetch goal 2 - Windows 167% (also for workers)  (25k SEK)
      Two new walls with smaller openings, like windows. This is a sketch of one of them. It will print in two parts, without support. It has a big arc. Inside it a thinner wall with two smaller arcs. The inside of the smaller arcs is open to make windows.
      Windowed wall Stretch goal 3 - Rubble piles 200% (30k SEK)
      Eight piles of rubble, big and small. Stones in various format, pieces of wood, broken statues etc. There will be round piles and also piles with one or two flat sides to fit against walls and corners.
      Two piles of rubble Possible stretch goals
      If the three stretch goals above are unlocked, we will have a vote on the next.
      Big set of stairs more elegant Floor set with wooden planks instead of stone Pillars Walls with door openings Relief walls Small balcony (from single wall) Big modular balcony Interior balcony Wall fountain Wall statue Wall with big gate Modular foundation to put everything on Cemetary set with walls, gate, tombstones and mausoleums Risks and challenges
      I have been creating 3D terrain for quite some time, including a previous successful Kickstarter as well as my many Patreon projects. I feel I have always delivered what I promise (and have often over delivered), however this is not my full-time job and so there exists the possibility that full delivery might take some time if all the stretch goals are unlocked. My aim is that the models will be delivered as soon as they are ready - so base goals should be on time with any of the work-in-progress stretch goals being released piecemeal upon their completion. 
      Personal/work commitments are the only real challenge, but I have a very caring family that fully supports me and understands my passion for producing my 3D creations.
    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      Just noticed this KS was posted here. Only 53 hours left....

      Here we are folks, WOWBuildings is expanding further into space, with the infrastructure now for several types of scenarios, this KS will be a mix of vehicles and Buildings so you will have an even bigger range of choices for your tabletops. all will come in STL format and cuts will be made where needed so boot up those 3D printers once again and jump on board for what hopefully will be a great sack full of goodies to enjoy.
      I am adding a couple of special adds that are for personal print use only as a little treat for you top end backers, all files will be initially 28mm scaled (but slightly over scaled to allow for GW sized figures) and optimized for 15-32mm scales so hopefully something for all.
      Again human based faction designs for this KS with other races in the pipeline if all goes well, so hello again and as usual keep the feedback coming and if you want anything specific added then just ask, if it can be done it will be so
      Stretch Goals as you see will start at £1000, and £500, but this time i am toying with adding some £250 jump points too here and there to add to the fun.
      I have tried to keep the pledge level prices as low as i can as well including the licence which is an absolute bargain price for this KS as a thank you for continued support and to help with those after Xmas blues.
      £10 Road Builder
      £30 Asteroid Miner
      £40 Planet Settler
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