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Yep, more Guild Ball stuff and a whole set this time.


See, normally I choose which Guild Ball mini to paint by pulling a random character card out of the box I keep them in (I wish more companies still did character cards, makes it so much easier to add randomisation into the mini choosing process), but these girls didn't come with any, so rather than pack them away and potentially forget they exist, I thought I'd get them done now.


Plus these are the Veteran versions of the characters, so it'll help having all the colour choices in one place for when it comes to painting their standard versions.


Presenting the Exiles:-




These are all characters who originally played for different Guild Ball teams (mostly the mercenary Union team) but for fluff reasons have moved on.


We've got:-




Hemlocke (ditzy hedge witch now learning the art of Spiritmancy) and Harriet the Hat (down on her luck engineering student possessed by a magic, and possibly evil, hat).




Decimate (minor league noblewoman turned formidable sword for hire) and Minx (completely feral forest person).




Gutter (formally a Stockholm Syndrome suffering princess turned rage-fuelled murder machine) and Honour (badly injured Masons team captain, now Farmers team coach and occasional goalkeeper, with assistance dog).



Made a small start to Decimate today:-




Couldn't figure out if she had a shirt on under her vest, decided she looked better without one, just a base of 1:1 Dwarf Skin/Rosy Skin and a Flesh Wash so far.

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Thanks guys!


21 hours ago, Highlander said:



It appears you used an overall wash to begin.  Did you?  Why?  Was it to pre-shadow all over the mini?


Yes, it's White Primer with a Brown Wash, I just do it to make the details a bit easier to see.






Finished Decimates skin with highlights of 1:1 Dwarf Skin/Rosy Skin and 1:1:1 Dwarf Skin/Rosy Skin/Light Skin.

I then did her mask (Bonewhite > Brown Wash > Bonewhite > Off-white) and hair (1:2 Pure Black/Night Blue > 1:3 Magic Blue/Night Blue > Black Wash > 1:3 Magic Blue/Night Blue > 1:3:1 Magic Blue/Night Blue/Off-white).

I was going to paint her beret, but I'm out of any bright red paint...


...To Ebay! 

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While waiting for red paint, Decimate got a sword (Oily Steel blade, Bronze decoration and a 1:2 Leather Brown/Iraqi Sand handle) and I started on her mini barrel plus barrel shoulder-pad (Parasite Brown wood, Bronze metal with a Brown Wash so far).

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On 1/1/2019 at 8:53 PM, WhiteWulfe said:

Oooooooh, those look really intriguing, especially Minx who has this... Surreal and epic appeal!


Yeah she's cool.

Not looking forward to trying to paint all her nooks and cranny's though!







Yesterday I highlighted up her wooden barrel parts with Parasite Brown > 1:1 Parasite Brown/Ochre Yellow.

Then I painted her vest and armbands (Leather Brown > 1:1 Leather Brown/Bonewhite > 1:2 Leather Brown/Bonewhite > Brown Wash), the vest also got Ochre Yellow stitches, a Brassy Brass Brewers Guild badge and a feathery shoulder thing (the feathers are Magic Blue > Black Wash > 1:1 Magic Blue/Off-white and Foul Green > Black Wash > 1:1 Foul Green/Off-white).

The armbands got Scarlett Red > 1:1 Scarlett Red/Ochre Yellow straps with Bronze buckles.




Today my new paint arrived, so I could paint her beret and sash (Blood Red shaded with 1:1 Blood Red/Dark Green, highlighted with 1:1 Blood Red/Sun Yellow and glazed with Blood Red).

Gotta get used to painting with the Blood Red, it's the first colour I've picked up from Vallejos Game Air range and it is ludicrously thin.


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Got a little carried away painting today.

Painted her trousers (1:2 Pure Black/Steel Grey > Steel Grey plus 3 brushtipfuls of the first mixture > second mixture plus a drop of Wolf Grey).

Painted her boots (Red Leather with Brown Leather trim > Brown Wash > Red Leather with Brown Leather trim > 1:1 Red Leather/Iraqi Sand with 1:1 Brown Leather/Bonewhite with Polished Gold buttons > Brown Wash), glove (same Red Leather scheme as boots) and scabbard (Cork Brown with Polished Gold at both ends.


Just the base to go.

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5 hours ago, aku-chan said:


Sadly, they're out of production now.


(Which makes no sense as the set is only a few months old.)


...AARRGGH! That did it. I dashed an order off to The War Store...they seem to have it in stock...I hope.

Mini makes are enigmatic entities. Dropping popular or new items & limited availability miniatures are mysteries mere mortals were not meant to understand.

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Started my next Exile, Gutter:-




Did her skin (Rosy Skin > Flesh Wash > Rosy Skin > 1:1 Rosy Skin/Light Flesh) with 1:1:1:1 Rosy Skin/Light Flesh/Red Leather/Scarlett Red lips.

Her skin is a little odd in places, particularly her arms, as there was a lot of flash and moldlines to clear away (I think people were being a little over ambitious casting Gutter in one piece), and I made a bit of a mess.

That's also why her hands are going to be gloves, her fingers are a bit hit and miss.


Made a start to her hair, it's 1:1 Hexed Lichen/Pure Black so far.

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