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Day of the Dead couple - sculpted & painted by DKS


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Perfect. I've always loved your sense of color, it is... naturalistic,not sure what adjective to use, but just really even and harmonious. Like here, even though much of it is sepia-like, all of the elements of the models are differentiated and clear. Masterful work :-D then there's the sculpts themselves! You could maybe argue with Leonardo himself about which one is the 'higher art' ;-P

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Thanks, everyone!  I'm glad you like it.

@KruleBear: Mwa ha ha ... yes, my evil plan to make you buy more minis has succeeded!  :devil:

@Dave Foley and @Iridil : Thanks for the comments about the colors and materials.  I've spent a lot of time in muted-but-harmonious palettes, and studying how real-world objects interact with light so I can replicate them with paint.  I often teach a class on Monochrome Painting, and/or materials and textures, at ReaperCon and other conventions.

Thanks for the congrats, too, @Corporea.  Yes, it feels good to see these two in the "Done" area of my shelves. 

I sure didn't imagine these colors when I started them.  I always had a vague mental image in bolder colors -- shiny teal and emerald green and purple, with the orange flower accents.  But maybe the two kitsune figures that I painted in September exorcised that idea.  I hope someone else paints these two in saturated colors so I can see they look.  Or maybe I'll do a second quick version some time. 

Now, however, it is time for me to get sculpting again!




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