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77316: Demon Lord of the Undead


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Thanks glad you all like them!


8 hours ago, Madog Barfog said:

Paint job and scepter look great! 


Did you put put a pin through his hand and drill some tiny holes in the Bones pieces? I pin a lot (I'm an engineer and like my gaming figs to be pretty bullet proof) but haven't pinned any Bones yet.

I probably should have pinned it but didn't. I was in a hurry and skipped that step. I drilled out the hand and opened it up to accept the halves of the scepter and secured it with the old baking soda and superglue trick and it seems fairly secure. If it proves to weak I'll re-secure it with a pin. That said I've pinned Bones on a few occasions. It's necessary with a few sculpts just to get them to stand up strait or avoid sagging. With the softer material you need to be careful that your drill dosn't wonder but otherwise it's not to bad.

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